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Paperdori Book

     A paperdori? I thought you gave up on paperdoris? You ask.

     Yes, I did give up on the paperdori that I made to be my planner but I thought it was time to give the paperdori another shot, especially seeing as I was going through my paper and spotted this:

Photo - Scrapbook Paper for Paperdori (2)

Photo - Scrapbook Paper for Paperdori (1)     Now wouldn’t that old book make a wonderful paperdori cover? That’s what got me started on this. I cut it out hoping I’d find some notebooks to fit it and lo and behold, the next day I was in the shop and I did! It was meant to be!

     Now, I’m not going to be telling you how to make a paperdori here, just showing pictures. To start with, I forgot to take pictures while making so that ruled out the tutorial aspect. I always forget to take pictures of the stages because I just get so focused on the craft itself so if there is anything you do want me to do a tutorial of, you have to tell me so I can try remember. Secondly, I am terrible at explaining so my tutorials end up mostly being just pictures but as mentioned…forgot to take the pictures. If you want to know how to make this, I suggest watching Jumpy Jess’s video here (that’s how I learned).

With that out of the way, let’s look at pictures!

     The book pattern is just lovely. I adore the old book feel from it. I’m using the notebooks in it to record my thoughts on books I read, games I play and anime I watch so I like the old record feel it gives to my reviews. I have a notebook for each of those topics and they’re not thin so my papedori is nice and chunky! Still surprised at how the three notebooks actually fit in!

     I added photo corners to the corners of the paperdori cover to both protect the them and look good. They’re likely to get damaged over time so I may have to replace them…but they do look good!

Photo - Paperdori (1)

Photo - Paperdori (2)     Like I said, nice and chunky and you definitely get the handmade feel from it when you look at the spine and see that elastic band holding it together! I went with a neutral colour elastic that wouldn’t look too out of place against the old green of the book cover.

     If I’d had slimmer notebooks I would have only needed two elastic loops inside but I tried this the notebooks just didn’t sit right so I added a third, giving them each their own.Photo - Paperdori (6)

Photo - Paperdori (5)     As for the inside, well, my amazing pen pal from New Zealand sent me loads of used stamps a while back. Now, I like stamps but I don’t collect them in the traditional sense – I like the idea of using them in journalling and crafts. Mostly I’ve used stamps in my daily art journal. This is my first craft with them but when I saw how many she’d sent me, I knew I had to cover the inside of a notebook or something with them. The lucky project turned out to be my new paperdori! I stuck them all down, arranging them somewhat carefully and then covered them in clear plastic.

Photo - Paperdori (7)

     And finally, a little sneak peak at the messy part of the craft. Do you see crafts online that look amazing and perfect, only to try it yourself and have a really messy part of it? It can be hard to tell if it’s meant to be there or if you messed up somewhere because everyone is very careful with how they take pictures. Well, sometimes I like to show you what’s not meant to be seen!

Photo - Paperdori (8)

     This is my messy part! Normally with the paperdori and the elastic loops for notebooks, because of how you do it you get two loops meaning two notebooks – so in theory I could have six slim notebooks in this paperdori. Does what I just said make sense? I can’t tell because I’m writing this at 2am and am really tired! Anyways, my decision to only use one loop left the other just being annoying behind the notebook so I gathered the three unused loops and stuck them down with clear plastic. It’s not pretty but it keeps them out of the way.

     And there you have it, my record keeping paperdori, or what it shall now be referred to as, my record book. It was actually pretty easy and quick to make – the most time-consuming part was arranging the stamps!

10 thoughts on “Paperdori Book

    1. A cheap and cheerful homemade alternative to the somewhat expensive leather midori traveller’s notebook! Plus their easy to make to fit whatever size notebooks you want to use!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I am fond of the Paperdori. I’d love a real Midori but that’s definitely not in my budget! The fabric fauxdori’s that people make are really nice but I also can’t afford them and I don’t have the skill set to made one, but paper, I can work with paper! xD


    1. I didn’t know what they were either until recently enough when I saw a video of someone making one. I’m all for a paper that I can make of those lovely but so expensive midori traveller’s notebooks!

      Liked by 1 person

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