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Catching Up on Cardmaking

     Over the past two months I’ve been making an awful lot of cards but I haven’t gotten around to showing you most of them so I think it’s time for a batch of cards post. I have a lot of pictures to post so I’ll try keep my rambling to a minimum to prevent this from getting too long!

     First card up is an anniversary card. My mom’s friends are renewing their vows to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary (50 years) so she asked me to make a card for the occasion. Of course, being their golden anniversary, I had to try include some gold in the card! Considering the couples style, I thought the Capsule – Geometric Mono Collection from Papermania would suit them better than some of my many, many floral theme sets. This is the card:

Photo - Wedding Anniversary Card (1)

     I used one of the paper vellum sheets from the sets for the base. It might be difficult to tell from the photo but some of those arrows are gold. My next step was to stick a small strip of paper with a matching arrow pattern across horizontally and then stick the two wooden hears on. I didn’t have any gold paint so I used a gold ink pad to give them a little shimmer. Then I just found a suitable sentiment from the Capsule set to finish off the card.

Photo - Wedding Anniversary Card (2)

     For the envelope I used the same paper vellum and then a small tag to have somewhere to write a name. It was pretty plain though so I thought about adding some more decoration to the corner. The Capsule collection set I got also had these bow shapes which I though would be really cute on the envelope. Seeing as it’ll be handed to the couple and won’t be going through the mail, I had a lot of leeway with decorating the envelope.

     Some details from the card including the message stamped on the inside and the sticker for sealing the envelope:

Next up, I have some dog themed cards.

     As many of you know, last month my dog passed away. He was quite a popular dog and two of his favourite places to go were to Maxi Zoo (the pet shop) and to the vets (yes, he really loved going there!). Between guinea pigs, cats and a dog, my parents have been going to the same vets for about 15 years. The staff there have been really kind and helpful, especially in this last year where we’ve had to put two of our pets down, so with that in mind, my parents asked me to make a thank you card that they could give to them.

     I used the same collection of paper and die cuts as above for this card, which also had two sets of sticker letters. To personalise the card a bit, I printed a picture of our cat and our dog for the inside.

Photo - Pet Card Thank You (1)     The second card I made was for the staff at our local Maxi Zoo. Like I said, the pet shop was his favourite place to go and the staff there absolutely adored him! Every time he went he got showered with affection and treats.

     Actually, for this card I used one of those 3D die-cut decoupage sets that came in a father’s day kit. Turns out father’s day material can also be used easily for pets! I added the ribbon myself and chose a red ribbon as Victor always wore a red collar – and then I finally found a use for those dogs stamps I bought a while back!

Okay, so much for my trying to be quick with my words. I’ll have to cut down on the amount of cards I’m showing you so this doesn’t turn into an epic length! Just two more then!

You might have already have seen this picture in an earlier post:

Photo - May Card Making (1)

My dad asked me to make a birthday card for my mom and I ended up making three instead. He chose the wine card but here’s some close ups of the other two cards.

     They’re not particularly birthday card themed but at least they’re pretty and suitable for anyone who likes flowers!

     I still have a lot more cards to show you but for length reasons it looks like they’ll have to wait but ah, good news for anyone who likes seeing handmade cards, I’ll have plenty more for you next week!


12 thoughts on “Catching Up on Cardmaking

    1. Sorry to hear that. I don’t use Facebook so I haven’t had to deal with that but I know sister keeps getting reminders from Facebook about our cat and dog, both of whom had to be put down in the last year. Upsets her every time.

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  1. Good new for me then – I love to see handmade cards. Your style is beautiful and an interesting envelope always makes the whole thing even more special. Love these examples.

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