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Planning with Geo #10 – June Monthly View

Photo - Planning with Geo - June Monthly View

     Have I mentioned I don’t use my monthly view very often for practical things?

     Well, I did try use my monthly view for June for one thing. I started doing a lot of free courses on Future Learn. A lot were starting at the same time so to make sure I didn’t have too many planned at once, I thought I’d plot them out in my monthly view…but I did that on the left hand page.

    Well then the right page was just so empty…so I found some of my sticker sheets full of stickers. I thought “where am I practically going to use a sticker that says ‘pink’ or ‘cherry’ or ‘simple’…I’ll just put them in my planner instead”. And of course my sticker usage got a bit out of hand until the only thing I could do was cover the page!

     But I am curious, to other planner nerds out there, do you use a monthly view in your planner? If so, how do you go about using it?

     Not being in college anymore, I don’t have deadlines and exams to keep track of and I’m not the kind of person who has a lot of appointments so my section is largely unused for planning purposes.


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