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La Papierre and The Sweet Pea Post

     Because Wednesday is my snail mail related day, I thought I’d take the time to look at some spending I’ve done in relation to snail mail. I wanted some surprises so I went on a search for some subscription services and here’s what I found:

La Papierre

     So, for anyone who doesn’t know, La Papierre is a paper subscription service that seems to be quite popular at the moment and for good reasons. By signing up to them, you’ll get a lovely selection of letter paper (now with the option of matching envelopes) delivered to your door once a month. The great thing about La Papierre is the pricing option which ranges from $8 to $34 a month (international – cheaper for US and Canada).

     I opted for the cheapest monthly subscription – 12 sheets (two sheets of each design) for $8 (so about €7.30 with the exchange rate at the time and that price includes shipping). That’s pretty good pricing because the designs are all so nice and there’s a good mix of them.

Photo -  La Papierre

     There’s a lovely added bonus with the service too. If you sign up and say that someone referred you, you’ll get three extra sheets and so will that person! Above, the sloth, movie and unicorn  sheets are the ones I got because I mentioned who referred me. When you get your first order you also get this handy little referral card:

Photo -  La Papierre Referral

     So you know, if you do want to give the subscription service a shot, don’t forgot to mention my name!

     I really like the mix of paper that this subscription service has. As nice paper is hard to come by for me, I think I’ll be keeping this up for another few months at least because it doesn’t break the bank. Although I might consider uping to the $10 a month option so I can get some matching envelopes…

The Sweet Pea Post

     I stumbled across The Sweet Pea Post a while back when I was looking for cheap subscription boxes. This isn’t a subscription box, it’s a once off thing, but it is cheap and it fills that need for some surprise mail!

Photo - Sweet Pea Post (2)

     There’s a few different options on the site (different themed selections) but basically, for a small price you get a sampling of craft and stationery goodies relating to a theme sent to you in a handmade envelope. It’s quite nice.

     I went for the ‘under the sea’ theme where you get 8 stationery/craft supplies and 2 extra surprise goodies. It cost me $3.50 (€4.75).

Photo - Sweet Pea Post (4)

     You get a handy list of what’s included and I got two blue doilies, two tags, a sample of washi tape and two octopus die cuts, just to name a few things. They’re just small, simple things but you know, sometimes it’s nice just to get a surprise selection!

     Going to the site now so I could get the link, I’m not sure if international delivery is still an option so I’m not sure I can get this again (or one of the other themes), but if you’re in the States, this is open to you and if you want a low cost surprise in your mail box, maybe give this a go!

     So those are my thoughts on two recent purchases. Maybe they’ll intrigue you enough to try them out yourself.

     And if you haven’t spotted it already, don’t forget that I have a giveaway you can join!


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