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June 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     June was an exciting month for mail. I didn’t have too much incoming because I was so slow at sending letters out but I still had plenty of nice things coming through my letterbox!

     To start with, I had two unexpected Postcrossing cards. I wasn’t meant to get these as my stats are still messed up (currently at 33 sent and 36 received) but still nice to get them!

     Then I had a few swap-bot swaps come my way. The first was the ‘Fill My Stocking – June’ swap which was to send a small profile based item wrapped up to someone. The packaging the swap came in was lovely so I couldn’t resist the urge to open it and of course what was inside was even lovelier – a selection of pretty papers and some planner stickers! Some of these you’ll have seen in my planner spreads from Monday’s post.

Photo - June 2016 - Incoming -  Tea Swap (2)Photo - June 2016 - Incoming -  Tea Swap (1)     The second swap I got was a tea based swap and the sender definitely deserved some hearts for this! I absolutely love the creative way she found to package the teas so that they wouldn’t clump up on one side of the envelope. I think I’m gonna have to try learn how to make these! The decorations too are just lovely. As for the teas…well of course I love those, I love tea!

     During my blog browsing, I came across a blogger, A Bit of Glue and Paper, who makes lovely cards. I spotted she had an instagram giveaway going on so I entered on a whim (I tend not to enter many giveaways for some reason). Well, that whim certainly paid off as I won the giveaway and before long found myself the happy owner of a selection of Flow goodies! I absolutely love Flow products, they’re just so nice. I was also allowed to pick a card from her store so I picked this lovely ‘anchors away’ one. It’s so cute!Photo - June 2016 - Incoming - Giveaway Prize

Photo - June 2016 - Incoming -  Damaged Mail     I had a few pen pal letters arrive in June as well which was great, especially as one was from a pen pal who I’m having a lot of trouble getting letters to and from. It came very damaged but the fact that it arrived at all is almost a miracle!

     A few other pen pal letters with very appropriate summery stationery:

     I have to give a huge shout out to the lovely Keely who sent me these absolutely gorgeous papers along with her letter this month:

Photo - June 2016 - Incoming -  Letter and Paper from Keely (1)

     They’re almost so pretty I don’t want to use them but rest assured, I’m not going to fall into that trap! It would be s shame for these beautiful papers to not get used!

     I also have to point again to my fantastic New Zealand friend who sent me a so many stamps! I put these to good use to decorate the inside of my paperdori!

Photo - June 2016 - Incoming - Stamps from New Zealand      And finally for the month of June, I must highlight once again the lovely Myra who went above and beyond to send me the most lovely things this month! First off, it’s the first pocket letter I’ve ever received! I know that they’re quite popular on swap-bot but I’ve never joined in on those swaps because I don’t have the pockets – they’re not something you can get in Ireland. Luckily, Myra also remedied this factor for me because she sent me some pockets so now I can decorate some! (Of course I sent the first one I decorated back to Myra but you’ll have to wait till next week to see that!). As well as sending the goodies in the pocket letter, she also added some stickers to the package and a bar of chocolate…not photographed here, I wonder why xD Any time I get food I rush to eat it and then remember I should have photographed it! Anyway, Myra, I can’t shower you with enough praise of how amazing a pen pal you are!

     So that’s my June incoming mail! Lots of nice bits and pieces – I hope my outgoing meets the same standards!


6 thoughts on “June 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. So much mail!!! I’m not nearly as artsy as you with decorating things, but I do love my few pen pals and postcrossing. What is this swap bot I’ve seen you mention a few times though? It sounds interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. – it’s a great site. Basically it’s a place where people host swaps of all sorts, ranging from electronic swaps like email tags to postcard swaps to craft swaps. Definitely check it out! There’s a lot of different types of swaps that go on so you’re bound to find something you like (although the more costly and detailed swaps usually require you do have a certain number of swaps already done). It’s free to join, just fill out a profile and you can get going 🙂


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