365 Follower Giveaway Winner Announcement!

     So, the deadline for entering the giveaway was yesterday and today I’m here to announce the winner of my 365 follower giveaway, although I’m happy to say now that I have 385 followers! Thank you to everyone who entered and who started following my blog!

Photo - 365 Followers Giveaway

     First, a recap of the prize:

  • 1 6×6 inch paper pad (8 designs, 24 sheets)
  • 1 pack of resin flowers
  • 1 pack of 6 mini wooden frames
  • 1 pack of diamante charms
  • 1 pack of accordion stickers

     A small but delightful selection of goodies!

     But now it’s time to announce the winner. Having put everyone’s names / blog names – whatever your comments list – into a random name picker and clicking the pick a random name button, the winner is….

Photo - Giveaway Winner

A big congratulations to! I’ll get in touch. Look forward to some craft supplies arriving at your door sometime soon!

      Again, I’d like to thank everyone who reads my blog – you really encourage me to keep going!

     I know I like doing small but regular giveaways (and I hope people like that) but there might be a long gap between this and the next one. I want to do a big giveaway at some point, maybe give away something like a planner and planner supplies, but I first I need to save a bit of money to get something nice to give away and second, I feel a giveaway like that needs to be for a good number…like 500 followers. Maybe it’ll take too long to reach 500, I’ll get tired of waiting and do it before that but 500 followers is my goal.

     If you want to shorten that gap between now and the next giveaway, well, you’ll just have to spread the word about my blog!


5 thoughts on “365 Follower Giveaway Winner Announcement!

    1. Well congratulate yourself! xD Haha, don’t forget to email me so I know where to send the stuff, you can use the contact me page I have to send me one. If you get an address to me by Sunday evening I can have the stuff in the post on Monday 🙂


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