Planning with Geo #12 – Tracking

    So, ages back (it was April), I gave you a tour of Geo, my personal filofax. The fourth section of my planner is labelled ‘tracking’ but at the time of giving you the tour of my planner it looked like this:

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (11)

     There was nothing in it.

     Well, things have changed and I finally got round to filling it up with a few things I’m tracking so I thought it about time I gave you an update on it.

      There’s a few things I’m using this section for. I’m tracking my weight loss (and gain), my quiz score on Duolingo for Dutch, what books I have and haven’t read, ideas for arts and crafts, random life goals and my wishlists. Quite a bit going on then!

Photo - DuoLingo Dutch Score     First up in the section is my Dutch score on Duolingo. I do the extended quiz once a month as it gives me some way of tracking my Dutch skill. A graph seemed the best way of tracking it so the square note paper that came with the Filofax came in useful. You can’t see it in this photo but I backed this page onto a piece of card so that it would be nice and sturdy as I need it to last a while. Aren’t those mason jars cute? Got that washi tape as a small sample from someone. Really need to find where I can get a full role of it because I just love it!

Photo - Weight Tracker     Anyway, moving on, the second graph I have is for my weight. Again, it’s a pretty simple graph matched with some miscellaneous weight and diet related stickers to fill in space, some washi tape down the side and of course, my attempt at nice lettering for the header. (I took this photo a while back, hence why the recent months aren’t tracked, I didn’t just stop because I gained a pound!).

     The next thing in my tracking section (and the most fun), a bookshelf! I can’t recall where I spotted this idea originally but it seemed like a nice way of listing the books I have and which ones I’ve read (the ones coloured in).

Photo - Planner Bookshelf

     I’ve broken my shelves up into different sections and given myself plenty of room for future book buying!

     Following my bookshelf is my random craft list. It just lists a few random arts and crafts so if I really want to do something but am completely stuck for ideas I can reference it – or if I need to remember why I bought a specific yarn and what project it’s meant for!

     Quickly moving on, I have a page where I list the things I would like to get done each day, week and month – not something I tend to actually get done but it helps to have them listed to remind me. I also have a very simple schedule for a weekday. I haven’t really looked at it since I made it because it is pretty simple but the act of making it and decorating it was useful for getting the idea into my head to have a vague schedule.

Photo - Misc. Life Goals     Quickly moving onto the last few sections, I have one for random life goals and dreams – some more reasonable than others (wouldn’t being called doctor and living in hobbit hole be great though?).

     Finally, I have a two pages for listing things I would love to have someday – usually the more expensive things that I’m not going to get myself but maybe I can mention them when it comes to birthdays and christmases!

Photo - Planner Wishlist

     So, there you have it – my tracking section. And I believe that’s everything in my planner shown now.

     To those planner nerds out there, do you use your planner to track anything or do you just use it as a diary for planning purposes?


13 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #12 – Tracking

  1. I absolutely adore the bookshelves! I saw something like this on Pinterest and have been thinking I should do something similar. So much more fun than just at regular list! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, isn’t it – I mean, why have a regular list when you can have a paper bookshelf! I’d spotted the idea on Pinterest a few times and figured I’d try it out, so glad I did, it’s just much more interesting to look at 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your tracking! So adorable. I want to do something ‘more’ with my weight tracking. At the moment I have a mason jar sticker, and I add a little flower sticker for every kilo I lose. But I am a graphs and charts kind of woman, so I really like what you’ve done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes you just can’t beat a good graph! I did spend a while trying to think up different ways I could visual it but in the end it was the simplicity of the graph that won out!

      Liked by 1 person

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