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June 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     It’s fun snail mail time again and this week it’s my outgoing mail from June – of which there was a lot of!

     Before I got to writing and sending my letters though, I needed to stock up on stamps:

Photo - June 2016 - Outgoing -  Stamps

     Shame though that shortly after I stocked up on stamps and calculated everything to the €1.05 cost for sending letters outside of Ireland they announced that the price would be going up to €1.10 this month – and still no 5c stamp despite the price always going up by 5c at a time!

     Oh well! Onto the mail now.

     I didn’t have any postcards being sent out last month but I did have a few swap-bot swaps. Most were simple tea swaps and I didn’t decorate the envelopes much so they’re not worth showing off but here’s one of the monthly ‘Fill My Stocking’ swaps that I did where you send a small stocking filler type present to someone. The woman I was sending to liked fabrics so I found some fat quarters and wrapped them up to send her.

     Everything else I sent out was to pen pals so let’s get to that!

     I really liked the craft envelope with the panda I sent out the month before so I made another similar one, this time with an elephant and sent it off to my friend in the UK.

Photo - June 2016 - Outgoing -  Elephant

     I had three envelopes going out last month that were just decorated with strips of washi tape. It’s a really simple way of decorating an envelope but it looks great. I went with a black and white theme for the first envelope to match the Yeats stamp I used (and also just because I have a lot of black and white tapes). For the second envelope, I used a brown craft envelope and used two vintage themed tapes that I bought in TK Maxx and absolutely love! It seemed fitting to pair it the envelope with a vintage teddy. For the third, I just went for random purple and blue tapes to get something bright.

     For the letter I sent to Keely (in the black and white envelope), I decided to try something different for presenting my letter so I went with this – a crocheted granny square and ribbon! Gotta try something different every now and again (also I didn’t have any nice paper doilies that I see people use sometimes).

Photo - June 2016 - Outgoing - Letter to Keery (2)

     I had a couple of things going out to Myra last month. As a thank you for the mini album she made, I gathered a few goodies together and sent them off in the A5 planner pocket I made for my the tutorial on them that I did – planner pockets also made good snail mail folders!

     Myra also sent me a pocket letter last month. I’ve never made a pocket letter before but thoughtfully, she sent along a few pocket pages so it only seemed fitting I give it ago and sent my first one back to her! I kept the decorating pretty simple but I still had a lot of fun making it. Here’s the decorated front and the goodies in the back:

     And here’s the envelope I sent it out in. The larger envelope size meant I was finally able to use one of the bigger colouring book images I cut out a while back.

     I think the last envelope I’ll show you is this one that I decorated with stamps and sent off to my New Zealand pen pal:Photo - June 2016 - Outgoing -  Stamp Envelope

    Are there enough stamps? Well, she sends me lots of used stamps so I thought she might want to replenish her stocks! Funny thing is, I sent this envelope off on a Monday and it arrived back at my house on Tuesday because the machine or something read my address which is written on the back. I mean, I thought it was pretty clear where it was going seeing as there’s only one address on the front and there’s enough stamps to tell you which side that was! The envelope did arrive at its destination a bit damaged – the glue I used for the feather and nests obviously weren’t strong enough – but it’s good to know that the number of stamps didn’t hinder it’s journey!

Photo - June 2016 - Outgoing -  Pen Pal Letters (2)     Oh wait, two more envelopes I made using pages from old dream journal.

     And that’s it for my June mail! Hope you enjoyed seeing it. Let me know which is your favourite piece of mail art, I love hearing what you think!

     And of course, before I go a few shots of the stamps I used:


23 thoughts on “June 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

  1. i love the washi tape ones. so simple, but totally effective. washi is one of my main go to’s when i don’t have enough time to be super crafty or artsy. i’m also super jealous of the stamps you have! i feel like american stamps are so over used and boring and just bleh. i know you can buy unused stamp lots on ebay and stuff at less than face value, but even then, it’s kind of a pain. i wish i had more variety! but i do feel very lucky in that our postage rates actually went down! down two cents domestically and down five cents internationally!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, when I don’t have time or aren’t in a particularly crafty mood it’s like ‘quick, just get the washi tape!’ xD
      I thought America had loads of cool stamps. I know if I want to get all the old stamps to use I have to buy them from An Posts online store because the local post offices only have the newest ones.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. it doesn’t help that michaels (which is a major craft supply store in the US) has INSANELY good coupons and deals on things like washi tape. my stash has probably doubled in the last month or two!

      we do have some variety in stamps, but most of the time, when i go to the post office, they have the really boring stamps you see time and again. our international round stamps were so terrible, but then they did an upgrade (albeit it a small one) to the moon, which was neat since i love space. i’m probably biased since i see the same stamps all the time!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I think everyone feels that way about they stamps in their country! Sometimes I get bored about the Irish stamps (are more commonly annoyed at not having a 5c or 10c stamp!). I love space and astronomy so I love the moon stamp you have in America – and I’ve seen a few people post pictures of a set of stamps featuring the planets, so cool!

      Liked by 1 person

    4. oh gosh, i must be totally behind the times then. i thought those planet stamps were still on pre-order, then completely forgot about them. i absolutely love all things space related too. i almost think i’d have a hard time parting with them! but at least we have 5 and 10 cent stamps over here, ugly though they may be!

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Haha, you’ll have to buy a few extra just to keep for yourself! I also spotted on someone’s blog that there’s a set of pet stamps in America which are so cool and cute!

      Liked by 1 person

    6. Always the case, isn’t it? Like I just stocked up on stamps and then the price goes up and usually after I buy stamps too they release a new one!


  2. Lovely, beautiful mail and congratulations on your first pocket letter. I love these things, always have trouble with the flip side though. What to put in those little pockets that will be enjoyed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Ya, it was tough to figure out what to put inside those pockets. They’re so small! Got to have a good rummage through my craft supplies though 😀


    1. Thank you!
      The Yeats one is one of my favourites too – just goes to show how great a very simply decorated envelope (just stripes of washi tape) can look when paired with a suitable matching stamp!

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