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Father’s Day / Masculine Birthday Cards

     For those of you in need of a card making fix, don’t worry, I have three for you today! I’m a bit late for Father’s day but these are also good masculine birthday cards – something I do have trouble making with my abundance of floral crafting supplies!

     If anyone shops in a craft shop that sells docrafts supplies, you’ll probably have seen the goody bags that docrafts do. I was in need of some masculine, or at least not floral, crafting supplies and happened across the May 2016 bag. It had several pieces from the Capsule Geometric Kraft range and the Mr Smith’s Workshop range in it so I picked it up and that’s were all the decoupage sentiments I’ve used here came from (from the Mr Smith’s Workshop A4 decoupage pack).

     On a side note, this one is actually the first docrafts goody bag I’ve gotten but they’re quite good value! It says on the bag that the contents are worth over £30 and I think I paid €18 for the bag in Art and Hobby – you get a lot of nice stuff in them!

     But onto the card making now. All these are really simple cards and just use the decoupage pack pieces and a piece of paper so you can make them quick. For this card, I used the ‘dad you’re amazing’ decoupage piece which is useful as it could be for Father’s Day, a birthday or just a random ‘dad you’re amazing’ occasion.
Photo - Father's Day - Birthday Card for Men (2)

     For the backing, I had a piece of cream coloured paper that I put in an embossing folder and ran through my Cuttlebug – I’m loving embossing things at the moment, even more than die cuts! Anyway, having done that, I ran a blue ink pad and a black ink pad over the embossed paper to get that dirty workshop feel. I quite like how it turned out.

     For the second card, I used the ‘you are the best’ piece which again is suitable for many different occasions.

Photo - Father's Day - Birthday Card for Men (3)

     And finally, for the third card I used the ‘mr amazing’ decoupage piece backed onto a piece of paper that also came in the set.

Photo - Father's Day - Birthday Card for Men (4)

     Like I said, these are the most simple cards you can make – just piece the sentiments together and stick on a piece of paper. If you’re like me though and have trouble with masculine cards, packs with everything you need in them are a good place to start!

     Oh, and while making the cards, don’t forget the envelope – a matching envelope makes a big difference! Here’s the envelope I made to go with the first card. I decorated it using the leftover pieces of paper from the card.

Photo - Father's Day - Birthday Card for Men (1)

     Hmm, guess this post turned into a bit of showing of cards and a bit of a review of what I bought! But if you want to get into card making and don’t know where to start, kits and goody bags are a good place because you get a selection of items from the same range so you don’t have to worry about finding things that go together.

    To other card makers out there though, do you have trouble with masculine card making? If you don’t, what are your tips for it?


16 thoughts on “Father’s Day / Masculine Birthday Cards

  1. I like making my own cards, too, for family and friends. I usually just put one of my photos on cardstock, either printed or glued directly on, with printed message inside. I should post some on my blog. The masculine cards I’ve made are for hubby and son, with pictures of outings we’ve taken. Fun stuff, and more personal than store bought. I like the work you have done… more detail than I’ve every attempted… now I have some ideas. Thanks!!

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    1. Well glad I’ve been able to give you some ideas!
      I think it’s great that you make such personal cards. Store bought cards can be pretty but they’re the type of things you easily forget about and throw away but you’ll find people are hard pushed to throw out a card that’s been specifically made for them (or at least I like to think so :))


  2. I have made some interesting ‘man cards’ in my time, but not from a kit. Difficult to describe my procedure. My cards do not compare to what you have created. Mine are more…comical or humorous for the most part. I will post them one day soon. You do lovely work and what fun! ren

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    1. Well I’d love to see what you make! Seeing what others are up to really helps me when it comes to card making – sometimes I can get stuck in a rut and end up just doing the same few things over and over again so it’s good to get ideas from others 🙂

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  3. I’m lucky that my boyfriend loves space/science fiction, so I can get away with a nebula/starry theme on any card I have to make for him! The craft supplies industry really does tend to gear towards the floral and cutesy, and although I am all about flowers and pastels all the time myself, it’s a challenge to create things for those who don’t quite like the aesthetics of a 12-year-old Victorian fairy tale princess as much as I do ;D

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    1. Haha, ya, gotta remember that not everyone is interested in the vintage and floral look – which probably makes up at least half, if not three quarters of my craft hoard! Starry themes are a good one to go to, I must keep a look out for some such craft material – really need to build up some gender neutral supplies!
      The crafts industry does indulge in the floral and cutesy and then when it does do masculine kits they’re usually relating to cars, golf and power tools and none of things things relate to any of the men I have had to make cards for!

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