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Planning with Geo #13 – Weekly Views

     It’s weekly spread time! Got two weeks for you this time because last week I was showing you my tracking section of my planner.

     First up, the first full week of July:

Photo - Planning with Geo Weekly Spread (2)

     I started off intending to do another vintage theme spread because I really liked the last one but it ended up not being vintage and more…well, brown. But I like it. I used a couple of my gold washi tapes, some card from the Capsule Geometric Kraft set and a few odd stickers and stamps. A bit cobbled together but I like it.

     Next up, a summery-ish pink theme….this one ended up being a bit all over the place!

Photo - Planning with Geo Weekly Spread (1)

     Lots of stickers for this week, I used some stickers that I got in a swap-bot swap and more stickers that I got from Myra (Those Secrets We Keep) Oh, I also used a few icon stickers from Pretty Crafty Stickers on Etsy, a mini weekend sticker from SmallStuffCreations, also on Etsy. Not the most cohesive of looks but it’s fun to use random things sometimes.

     I have a one more week decorated using lots of miscellaneous craft supplies and I think then I’ll be back to weekly sticker kits for a bit. I like the task of decorating my planner using paper and stamps and all that but it is a bit more time consuming when you have to cut things to size and use glue. I have a big order of planner stickers on the way to me so looking forward to getting them!

     For fellow planner nerds out there, do you decorate your planner with kits or with other craft supplies? Which do you prefer?


20 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #13 – Weekly Views

  1. I use random supplies and draw a lot of banners myself. I never have used planner stickers because I can’t justify that purchase in my head. Mostly I decorate with washi and scrapbook paper. Love both of your weekly spreads!

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    1. Buying planner stickers is only a recent thing for me, I was always wary of spending even more money on my planner but I think even if you don’t want to spend money on kits, getting icon stickers and those kinds are definitely worthwhile because they last a while. Washi tape and scrapbook paper are great alternatives to kits though for decorating while keeping the cost down, especially if you’ve got hoards of the stuff anyway 🙂 Do you have your own printer? Free printable sticker kits are great too, that’s what I used for a while before I bought a few kits.


    2. I have a printer but I haven’t done the printable stickers because I feel like they would use up a lot of ink. I’m always tempted to buy some icon stickers that I would use a lot but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I have a large stash of scrapbooking stuff so that has been my go to. 6×6 paper pads are my favorites for cute papers and a lot of the cut apart sheets in them cut down to perfect sizes for my planners. I also use stamps. I have found a few cheap sets at Michaels and online that work for me.

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    3. It’s worth taking a look around etsy for the icon stickers to see what you can get for a reasonable price, there’s plenty of shops to choose from. I get mine from PrettyCraftyStickers.
      If you use a lot of stickers, printing them might get costly but I don’t find printing them uses too much ink (I also use cheap knock off inks so that cuts cost too). I would recommend anyway because you think of buying kits to use free printable ones to test out so you can learn what stickers work best for your planning style without spending much money, and then if you do want to buy kits you’ll know what ones to look for.
      I can’t believe I forgot to mention stamps! Yes, stamps are a good alternative to stickers seeing as you can use them as often as you want without running out, and in whatever colour you want if you have the ink. Have you ever tried making your own stamps? I can’t find planner stamp kits where I am a while back I bought a kit for making stamps instead and carved my own. They’re not as neat as store bought ones (well mine definitely aren’t!) but you can make whatever you want to specifically fit your planner, which is handy.


    4. I never thought of making my own stamps. Thats a great idea to try out. I often make my own stickers using stamps I have on sticker paper. For example I bought a Girl Scout stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop and I stamp out a bunch and fussy cut them as I need them to mark meetings or events. Most often I just draw in my own items, usually just banners and things. I have also bought little label stickers and used ink to color them to mark certain events.

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    5. Making your own stickers using stamps and sticker paper is a great idea!
      Not exactly a cheap, cheap option for adding colour to pages, but do you ever use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens? I got a 36 a few weeks back for €25 which is is pretty good. They’re nice pens to use if you’re drawing in things like banners or colour coding things.

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    6. I have almost bought them a million times but I have so many pens that I just can’t bring myself to buy them. I use sharpie pens or color pencils and color in my stamps. I really like the Papermate Flair pens too. My ultimate favorite pen is Uniball Signo Micro 307 (right now ;))for drawing and writing.

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  2. Hi! My name is Allison and I’m a planner addict. 🙂 I love your spreads! Thank you for the inspiration. I like the way yours almost look like a scrapbook.
    I’m a new planner and I’m not exactly rich, so I plan with what I have on hand. A various and sundry collection of stickers and washi. I love the look of the kits, but simply can’t afford them right now. Don’t think I won’t jump at the chance to use one if I could! My weekly spread this week (in the EC vertical) started with some green sticky notes and ended with green washi covering the bottom of the page. Despite the fact that it looks like The Hulk threw up on my spread this week, I think it turned out pretty great. I took a pic and put it on Instagram if you’d like to check it out! (My Instagram name is the same as my blog. I can’t seem to link it here) Do you have any tips for a new planner girl, just starting out? Happy Planning!

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    1. Hi Allison! So happy to hear that my spreads are an inspiration! I saw your green spread and it looks great! I love seeing how creative people can be with limited supplies. Plus, nothing wrong with just using using washi tape – that’s how I started out!
      Sticker kits can get expensive but there are plenty of cheaper options out there for decorating your planner. Do you have a printer? If you have a printer and some sticker paper you can print your own – there’s plenty of free printable stickers out there.
      Also, a paper pack and a scissors can go a long way! A bit more time consuming to decorate because you have to cut things to fit but you can get a lovely looking planner – although your planner will bulk up quicker because of the thickness of the paper or card.
      Buying really cheap sticky notes from ebay is also a great alternative.
      Then, if you’re going to buy stickers, start with buying icon stickers in different colours that can go with whatever themed spreads you decide to go with. Icon stickers are pretty handy to have and a sheet of them will last a while.
      Well I hope some of those tips are useful! Given me an idea for a blog post. Maybe in the future I’ll do a post on decorating cheaply! 🙂

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