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Scrapbooking – Pet Pages

     Scrapbooking has been on my list of things to start for a while now but the thing is, I never really know what to scrapbook. When I go places, I don’t take pictures of me and whoever I’m with, I tend to take pictures of flowers and trees and they’re not really worth scrapbooking – you want to look back in years to come and remember what happened, not that just that there was a flower there!

     While I don’t have pictures of me and my family though, I do have plenty of pictures of my pets. I started doing some scrapbooking last month as it had been a month since my dog died (now been two months), so I thought I’d show you the pages I did.

Photo - Scrapbook (1)

     I decided to do a page for every year that we had him so that’s 13 pages, plus one for the cover to make a total of 14. I wasn’t sure for a while how I was going to display the scrapbook pages but eventually I found some really cheap A5 planners on which looked good. That set the size of scrapbook pages for me, a handy size as I have plenty of A5 and A4 paper and card packs.

     Photo - Scrapbook (2)

     I ended up buying two of these A5 ring planners because they were so cheap. I got them for around €13 each. Obviously not the highest quality planners but I think they make a nice way of storing and displaying scrapbook pages, especially if you’re making a scrapbook for someone else. A ring binder for scrapbooking doesn’t need to be as study as one for planning because it’s not like you’re going to be opening it up every day to look at. Plus, any extra pictures and bits you can store in the pockets which is handy.

     But enough of the container, let’s look at the contents now. Like I said, I have a lot of A5 pads so the base of each of these is an A5 card from one of those many pads – which saved me from having to cut them to size.

     I started out with the cover, using embellishments and sticker letters from the Mr Smith’s Workshop stuff I got in that monthly docraft goodie bag I’ve mentioned before – they are Father’s Day kits but they work just as well for dogs. The dates are the years we had him between. I was going to list the year he was born but that was 2002 and I didn’t have enough 2 stickers for that so 2004 it was! Lots of tags, bits of paper cut to different shapes and sizes, stamps and the odd journal card make up the decorating for the pages. I couldn’t help myself with the floral craft material – I know it doesn’t exactly fit with the cover but I couldn’t help myself!

      I tried to make to make each page different but still look good next to each other, which I sort of succeeded in. I had just gotten my Cuttlebug machine when I was doing these so of course at some point I worked embossed hearts into a layout!

     As you can see, I did eventually move away from the floral and over to blues! I think the 2009 and 2010 pages are my favourite because of how simple they are. I stamped ‘2009’ in along with a running dog, cut a picture of Victor to fit a chipboard frame and just stuck them down on the card. 2010 is just a picture on top with rounded corners and a cut out of Victor on top of a journal card.

     I was making all of these scrapbook pages in the one day – I did kind of want to get it over and done with – and as a result I did get a bit lazy after a bit so some of the pages are simple, messy and a bit boring, especially as after the more I did, I started getting a bit stuck for ideas, not wanted to make them the same.

     I wasn’t sure what to do with the large picture that took up nearly the whole page. Framing it was all I could think of but that seemed boring so instead of using paper or tape I framed it with ribbon!

Photo - Victor - Scrapbook Pages (14)     For 2016, his last year, I used the polaroid pictures I took of him on his last day so a more vintage theme seemed more appropriate and luckily one of my paper packs at this newspaper print card. I cut the words from a journal card to fit in the frame which seemed fitting seeing as one of the pictures I used for the page had the cat and dog together.

     And so, there are my 14 scrapbook pages.

     I will say that never again will I try to do that many pages in one go – it gets hard and my craft room was a complete mess afterwards! The small page sizes helped – I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it if I’d been using 12×12 pages like I originally wanted to do.

     So, let me know what you think about my first scrapbooking attempt and feel free to share any tips of the trade you have that could prove useful for my next scrapbooking attempt!


24 thoughts on “Scrapbooking – Pet Pages

  1. I mean i cant manage to keep up with all the fancy pages and amazing decorations so it may become a simple scrapbook, i also dont have much to put in but i found some old photos, memories worth keeping! Lets see where it takes us aha x

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    1. Nothing wrong with a simple scrapbook. The fancy, elaborate pages I see around do look amazing but who’s got the time to that for every page! Or the money for all the craft supplies! xD


    1. That’s great! I’d love to see yours! It’s always inspiring see other people’s scrapbooking – definitely good for getting inspiration (something I need because I usually find it so hard to scrapbook my memories, maybe because I don’t do much worth scrapbooking, hence my reason to scrapbook about pets xD


  2. i really like these pages! i also like the idea of using a cheap-o ringed planner to hold them. that’s probably the main thing keeping me away from scrapbooking. i don’t want or need massive albums laying around, but this is definitely doable. anyway, i’m so glad you got to do this for your pup! i just recently participated in a traveling notebook about dogs. i need to put that post up this week.

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    1. Thanks! I know, while I love the idea of those large scrapbook albums, they are a bit impractical. To start with, any nice looking ones tend to be really expensive! And then there’s the whole having to decorate much larger pages which is more time consuming and uses more material so more cost. So the cheap ring planner system works for me!
      I look forward to seeing that travelling notebook! I’ve never done a travelling notebook, sounds like fun 🙂


    2. right? i just feel like i couldn’t possibly do a 12×12 page any justice whatsoever. i almost feel like i’d get bored with having to fill so much space. i really do think i might give the three ring planner scrapbook situation a go though. i like the idea that the pockets could be used to keep little keepsakes related to the subject that maybe you wouldn’t want to glue down or otherwise “ruin”.

      also! i posted the dog traveling notebook! i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

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    3. Cool gonna check that out right now!
      Ya, and I was just looking through my craft material – most of my diecuts and embellishments are small, they would be totally lost on a 12×12 page! Definitely going to stick with the A5 ring planner! Plus, I do want to scrapbook a bigger page, I could always have a fold out page in the planner for an A4 page which I think is as big as I’d be happy scrappbooking with considering my supplies.


  3. These look great! I have the same issue with scrapbooking in that I never take pictures of myself/friends/family so I never quite know what to scrapbook. A scrapbook dedicated to your dog is wonderful! It looks very nice and even from the pictures it’s so obviously filled with love!

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    1. It is a hassle for scrapbooking! I’m trying to train myself to take suitable scrapbooking photos although then I don’t often do things worth scrapbooking so it all seems to work against me xD I’m just gonna have plenty of scrapbooking of pets I guess 😀

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    1. But I guess even when you put it on a shelf and forget about it for years, the important thing is that it’s there because someday when you’re cleaning or looking for something you start flicking through it and get to reminisce 🙂


  4. I think you did a fantastic job! All that matters really in scrapbooking is documenting your memories. You made a beautiful tribute to your fur baby that will last for years and years.

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