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Planning with Geo #14 – Weekly View

     Welcome to another week of planning with Geo and another weekly view, possibly the last of this style for a while because I just got a ton of planner stickers that I am looking forward to using in the coming weeks!

Photo - Planning with Geo Weekly Spread (3)

     So, like in one of the previous weeks, I have the intention of doing another vintage theme which did warp into something a bit different in the end. I actually had a lot of trouble with this weeks spread. I wasn’t feeling in a particularly creative mood but nonetheless I gathered some things together and sat down in front of the tv to decorate and plan.

Photo - Planning with Geo Weekly Spread (4)     It started with putting a few stickers down, deciding I didn’t like where they were and then trying to take from off as carefully as possible. I ended up repositioning the weekend sticker three times and the flower sticker and paper top left are there to cover up the damage done by removing a sticky label!

     Eventually though I got things into places I was alright with and was able to start writing things in and adding the planning stickers.

     For a change this week, I also used some letter stickers in my planner to title things. I do love these letter stickers which I found for half price in a bargain basket in Art&Hobby. I’ve been using them a lot lately in different crafts!

Photo - Planning with Geo Weekly Spread (5)

      It’s more simple then a lot of my previous spreads but it’s still nice to look at and that’s whats important really.

     But I am looking forward to the sticker kits which will save me some time (my craft supplies are all over the place so there’s a lot of rummaging I have to do to find things that go together).

12 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #14 – Weekly View

    1. Haha, thanks! I don’t think I’m too original with my planner – there’s a lot of others out there with incredible looking planners (I’ve spend far too many hours on youtube watching videos of people decorate their planners!)

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  1. More simple can be a good thing, sometimes! I find I prefer simpler layouts for things like planners and such, because otherwise what I need to do gets lost among the decoration.

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