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Monthly Catch Up – July 2016

     Is it the end of the month already? Why yes it is, you can tell because I’m doing a monthly catch-up post. You could also just look at a calendar because I really don’t think you should be relying on me for the date considering half the time I don’t know what day it is despite looking at my planner multiple times.

Photo - Blog Planner (1)     So this month had plenty of planner spreads for you to see because I started the month catching up with them in Planning with Geo #11 where I had three very different themes over three weeks. Check that one out and let me know which was your favourite look! I had two more spreads in my Planning with Geo #13 post and yet another in Planning with Geo #14 so that’s a total of 6 weekly spreads in the month – hopefully they’ve given you some ideas for your own planner.

     I also had a quick update on my planner in Planning with Geo #12 as I’ve finally finished filling in the tracking section of planner. The book shelf section seems to be the most popular part, seems planner nerds are also very fond of books!

Photo - Blog Planner (2)

     Where mail is concerned, my second post of the month was my June 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail post and it was followed the next week by the outgoing version, my June 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail post. I’m so glad that people are enjoying my monthly incoming and outgoing posts. It makes me happy getting the mail and I like to be able to share some of that happiness online, as well as ideas for mail art.

     As for crafty things, well, I had a fair few crafty things going on this month. A bit late but better than never, I had my Father’s Day / Masculine Birthday Cards post with a few simple cards to show you, and the following week I had my Scrapbooking – Pet Pages post, my first foray into the world of scrapbooking, believe it or not.

Photo - Blog Planner (3)     Most excitingly, I also posted my first YouTube video, my April 2016 Daily Journal Flip Through Video! I’m hoping people like it. If you do, let me know and I’ll continue to do more journal flip throughs when I finish each month. Or if you prefer just seeing pictures, also let me know! – By the way, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you see the videos when I post them!

     What’s left to mention…Oh yes, my most recent one before this: My Not so Crafty Side#2, the place to check  if you want to know what I get up to other than crafts – spoiler alert, my life’s not all that interesting!

     And so the month ends.

     Well, for my posts, there’s still two and a half days left as this post goes out.

     So, how was the month of July for you? Good? Bad? Pretty much average? Let me know!


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