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Planning with Geo #15 – July Monthly View and Planner Stickers

Photo - Monthly View of Planner

     August is here so I guess it’s time to look back at the monthly view of July in my planner and…well, good thing I look at the monthly views when the month is over because it was probably two-thirds of the way through the month before I actually got around to decorating it!

     I guess I just wasn’t motivated to decorate it at the start and as I don’t really use the monthly section, I wasn’t in any rush to get it done but I eventually found the time to stick some stickers down on it to mark out a few days worth remembering – after the fact decorating rather than planning really. It’s pretty simple decorating too, simply a few stickers dotted around the place on the left page and a pretty die cut picture on the right.

Photo - Planner Sticker Haul (1)

     I had a huge sticker haul recently and my stickers arrived so that’s what I used to decorate this monthly view. A while back, PrettyCraftyStickers on Etsy had a giveaway where the prize was €100 credit to spend in her sticker shop and I won it. €100 to spend on stickers, what’s not to love about that! Well, despite having a €100 to spend, I somehow manages to go over that by €25 but at least I was only spending €25 rather than €125!

Photo - Planner Sticker Haul (2)

     And boy did I get a lot of stickers! It’s safe to say I should be good on decorative stickers for my planner for a while, likely into the new year! I bought a lot of weekly kits which are designed for the EC Life Planner but they work with my Filofax inserts too and I can get two weeks out of a single weekly kit. Despite blues, greens and purples usually being my preferred colours, I somehow ended up getting an abundance of pinky and gold tones because the sets were so pretty.

Photo - Planner Sticker Haul (4)

     I also got a few of the ‘no white space’ kits for the EC Life Planner. They’ve got plenty of stickers in them so I could get several weeks out of one three page kit. The lavender field theme one below is what I used to decorate the July monthly view and as you can see, I used very few stickers but that’s just enough for a monthly view while the list boxes and decorative stickers can be used in weekly spreads. You could even use those large box stickers in a monthly view too – just cut them down to size like I often do for my weekly spreads. The point is, even though kits are labelled for certain planners, there’s always a way to make them fit yours!

Photo - Planner Sticker Haul (3)

     Also, isn’t that orange fox kit lovely? It’s for the EC Horizontal Life Planner rather than vertical so the boxes are a little smaller but I’ve discovered the horizontal stickers fit the boxes of my inserts better than the vertical ones. Sadly though I won’t be able to use those cute foxes in my planner as I gave those sticker sheets to my sister to encourage her to use her planner.

     I gave her my old Filofax for her birthday last November. I set it up for her and she’s used it on and off but she hasn’t made the most of it so a few weeks ago I actually had a sit down session with my older sister to teach her how to plan! I think my lesson went well though – I told her how using her planner could help with her anxiety and she does seem to be using it more. I also gave her a few of my planner inserts to use to see if the layout of them works better for her. The layout of your inserts can make a huge difference!

     So there you have it, my monthly view and a look at all my lovely stickers. You can expect to be seeing these stickers for many months to come so if you were enjoying my cobbled together weekly spreads, I’m sorry to say they won’t be appearing for a while. Although who knows, maybe I’ll break up my sticker usage every once in a while with paper and stamps. You never know!


9 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #15 – July Monthly View and Planner Stickers

    1. Does…five planners make me a planner addict? I mean, in my defence, ones a planner I put scrapbook pages in, ones a planner I store letter paper in, one’s unused and one I only got yesterday….but ya, I do like planners an making them pretty 😀


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