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July 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

      It’s my own fault really for taking so long to reply to things back in June and then sending everything out at the very end of the month so that things were travelling for the first half of the month, but damn, July was quite for snail! What I did get was lovely but there was an awful lot of ‘no snail mail’ days which made me realise how much I love waking up to mail waiting for me – it definitely makes morning go better!

     I did get a few nice postcards from pen pals though which was a nice surprise! One postcard was from a pen pal letting me know that she’s going to be really busy, is taking a break from pen pals and won’t be writing letters again until at least October, but at least she let me know using a pretty card!

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  Pen Pals

     I got these two lovely letters near the start of the month, one from the Netherlands and one from just up the road from me (by just up the road, I mean about an hour and a bit drive). I do love the tape that Jayne used to decorate her envelope, it’s so elegant looking. I’m not sure how I feel about the chocolate envelope. I do love it but every time I see it I start craving chocolate which isn’t good for my ‘try to eat healthy’ goal!

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  New Zealand

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  Awesome Stamps     About mid month I received a letter from Dani, my pen pal down in New Zealand and as always, she sent a few treats along with her letter. This time was some pretty Paris themed note paper, a lovely journal card and of course, some more kawaii papers which I adore which are just too cute!

     I also got a letter from Kyrie over in the UK with some more amazing Star Wars stamps – this time a Princess Leia and Finn!

     After I got these though, my mail really, really slowed down. One no mail day turned into two which turned into a full week. It was sad. I had my planner stickers arrive thankfully but still no pen pal mail.

     Then, just a few days before the month ended:

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  Mail Day

     I got mail again! A postcard from Postcrossing, my La Papierre subscription and three pen pal letters (one from a brand new pen pal). It was happy days again.

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  New Pen Pal     I love the little ‘special delivery’ sticker that was on the back of this envelope. The tape is also really pretty and looks really well against the purple.

     And who doesn’t love mini Icelandic flags!

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  Iceland

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  Bridget     Bridget sent me a lovely letter with some nice goodies and a lovely notecard with some poetry written inside. I quite like that I’ve found several pen pals who enjoy poetry and sharing their favourite poems, it seems to be rare to find someone these days who enjoys reading the odd bit of poetry.

     Finally for my July incoming, I had my subscription from La Papierre, setting me up for the next month with some lovely paper! I even got three extra sheets this month (the tea cup paper) so I think someone must have said I refereed them!

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  La Papierre (1)

Photo - July 2016 - Incoming -  La Papierre (2)     And that brings my July incoming mail to an end! I loved everything I got but I do hope August will have more – I’m addicted to getting mail!

     If you’d like to help make sure August isn’t a slow snail mail month for me, don’t be afraid to ask! I enjoy getting new pen pals and if you don’t want to commit to that, I’m also up for once off stationery/craft swaps and such!

     Oh and also, if you do feel like subscribing to La Papierre, don’t forget to mention that I referred you!

     Now, I’m off to go write some letters on that paper I got!


8 thoughts on “July 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. Those papers are beautiful! I really need to think about signing up for that. It’s super hard to find cute stationary locally that doesn’t cost five thousand dollars haha. Also! If you would want to, I would love to be a new pen pal! Your blog has definitely inspired me and I love getting snail mail in my mail box.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Finding the right stationery can be a hard task, especially for me – there aren’t many stationery/ craft stores here in Limerick and pretty and cute letter paper is definitely in short supply! When there is anything pretty it’s ridiculously expensive which just doesn’t suit my budget! I like also with the subscription you’re not just getting 12 of the same sheet, like you would in a letter set, instead
      you get a selection of sheets so you can suit them to your pen pals (something I am fond of doing!)
      And I’d love to be pen pals – I’d be happy to try fill your mail box with lovely mail! Send me an email so we can exchange addresses (you can use the contact me section up at the top of my blog to send me an email 🙂 )


  2. I LOVE all your snail mail and am super happy you posted all you got this past month. It makes my measly couple of letters look even smaller. Checking my mailbox is probably the highlight of my day. I am in the US, if you need a new pen pal. I would love to receive some Irish letters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like it! Hopefully my posts will be an inspiration to others who might want to do a little extra with mail but don’t know where to start or else people who just want to start getting involved in snail mail. (and yes, getting mail is usually the highlight of my day!)
      I’d love some more pen pals and if you’d like an Irish pen pal, that’s great! Shoot me an email and we can exchange address (you can use the ‘contact me’ section up at the top of my blog 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

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