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Planning with Geo #16 – Weekly Views

     It’s planner sticker time! I mean, it’s time to show my weekly spreads from the weeks just gone. But yay for planner stickers meaning I have a lot less to clean up when I go to decorate my planner! Seriously – decorating with paper gets messy…for me because if I have to cut and stick things down, I just make a mess. I don’t even know how I do it, but I gather my supplies around me (more than I really need to be honest) and before I know it I have the biggest mess of scrap paper and things covered in glue and I can’t find my scissors because it’s buried somewhere…what can I say, I got skills!

    The point is, I’m enjoying using the sticker I got in my sticker haul that I mentioned last week so let’s just go look at my planner now and I’ll stop rambling.

Photo - Personal Planner Weekly View (1)

Spring Birds weekly stickers kit | Themed weekly kit | Erin Condren vertical theme weekly kit | Weekly planner stickers     Sorry for the somewhat dull lighting in the pictures – the sun keeps disappearing when I take my camera out!

     Anyway, for my first week back with the planner stickers, I wanted to use something bright so I chose this pink, yellow, green and grey set of stickers which are actually a spring theme sheet but eh, who needs to match stickers to the season! It’s all about what colours I feel like each week for me (so don’t be surprised if in the middle of winter you find a flower spread!).

     So, for this spread, I used half of the stickers on the sheet so I can still do another week with this theme later down the road which is good because I quite like the green, pink and grey together. I also liked this spread because I was finally able to use some of the green icon stickers I have – they really haven’t been getting enough use but I’m wiring my way through the pink, red, and oranges ones.

     A close up of the week:

Photo - Personal Planner Weekly View (2)

     Being unemployed and so not getting paid, the ‘pay day’ stickers are never of much use to me but I managed to fit it in this week by covering up the ‘day’ part. Well, I wasn’t getting paid but someone was! For just a brief moment I had €500 sitting in my bank account and then, in a flash, it was all gone! Well, had to be paid if I want to do my masters degree!

     Onto last weeks spread and for this one I went with earthy greeny/blue and brown tones. Love these colours!

Photo - Personal Planner Weekly View (3)

 Earth colors weekly stickers kit | Themed weekly kit | Erin Condren vertical theme weekly kit | Weekly planner stickers    Can you tell what day I took this photo?

     Again, I only used about half of the stickers from the sheet so I can do another week in this theme down the road.

     For this week, I mixed up a few things in my layout. Instead of putting the to-do list on the right hand page and the decorative box sticker on the left, I switched them up! Crazy, I know!

     I also tried listing a few more daily to-do things. Seeing as the insert section only has space for four, I gave that to my four language tasks and gave some space in the extras section that I also use for snail mail to make another little table for things like journaling and walking. We’ll see how it goes. Once I start my masters degree and hopefully find a job, I might not have time for loads of daily language tasks so if that happens I’ll switch back to how it was before.

     Close up of my daily to-do’s:

Photo - Personal Planner Weekly View (4)

     I loved the spring spread when I did it but I’m definitely feeling more love now for the earthy tones, I do love those colours. I need to try work them into my planner more.

     What do you think, which spread do you prefer?


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