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Get to know me, senses and handwriting tags

    Right, so over the last few weeks, I’ve been tagged by a few different people in a few different tags. I don’t normally do tags but I thought these ones might be fun to do and so I’ve gathered them together and am just going to do one post for all of them!

     I’ll start with the Get to Know Me one that Karen from confettiandcurves.com tagged me in.

What is your middle name?

     Catherine…I think

What was your favourite subject at school?

     In secondary school…Art. Although I did maybe start to prefer English towards the end of senior cycle after I decided not to apply for art college and instead go for an English lit degree.

What is your favourite drink?

     Tea. I drink at least 5 mugs of it a day.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

     Like Real People Do by Hozier, been my favourite song for a while now.

What’s your favourite food?

     At the moment…white chocolate covered pretzels…once I open a bag of them I just can’t stop!

What is the last thing you bought?

     With my own money, an A5 planner (yes, I bought a new planner), what I was going to buy myself but didn’t because my mom snuck off with them and paid while I was distracted, a bunch of craft supplies.

Favourite book of all time?

     Usually I say The Lord of the Rings, although The Martian by Andy Weir might be a contender.

What is your favourite colour?

     I keep saying it’s purple but my blog theme is blue, my planner uses pinks and browns and all my clothes are black and grey so I could just be lying to myself about the purple.

Do you any pets?

     Yes. Despite what my mom likes to think, we have four cats. From left to right: Misty (short for Mystery Cat), Newbie, Sibling, Crazy Face.

Photo - Cats

Favourite perfume?

     I don’t wear perfumes – in fact, a lot of perfumes give me headaches and make me need my inhaler.

Favourite holiday?

     I think…the second time I went to London with my sister and my friend when I was 18. We went after doing the Leaving Cert and for all of us it was our first holiday without parents. We had a wild time…going to musicals, plays and museums.

Are you married?


Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?

      A few times on childhood holidays to the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal and three times to London.

Do you speak any other language?

      Yes, but badly. Having done Japanese at university, I speak some (but I’m better at reading it) and I can speak very basic Dutch (learning via the internet so most of my practice is written though). I can tell you my name in French and say a few sentences about the weather in Irish but not much of my Leaving Cert language studies have stuck around in my head!

How many siblings do you have?

      I have two sisters – my older sister, Kelly who is four years older and Aimee, my twin.

What is your favourite shop?


Favourite restaurant?

     Hmmm…The Texas Steakout – the name suggest a western and American food but while the decor fits that image, the food doesn’t at all. It is very tasty food though.

When was the last time you cried?

     A few weeks ago I think – I was watching something sad but I can’t remember what now!

Favourite blog?

     I can’t pick!

Favourite movie?

     I love the Lord of the Ring movies.

Favourite TV Shows?

     Grand Designs, Building the Dream…and various other building and property shows.

PC or MAC?


What phone do you have?

     A….phone one…what, I don’t know what it is. It’s many years old and needs replacing but I don’t want to spend money on a new one because I hardly ever use my phone. I don’t even know where it is right now.

How tall are you?

     5ft 4” – and I’m tall for my family!

Can you cook?

      ….with a microwave!


     Next up, I was tagged by Béline from blogoceane.wordpress.com with the 5 senses tag.

The rules for the 5 Senses Tag are:

  1. You have to thank the person/people who nominated you
  2. You have to write five things you love for each of the five senses
  3. Nominate five other bloggers


  •      the sound of heavy rain
  •      hearing Japanese (and understanding it!)
  •      David Attenborough narrating something
  •      Ed Sheeren
  •      the wind


  •      stars
  •      cute animals
  •      pretty crafts
  •      a sale sign
  •      green landscapes


  •      cinnamon
  •      orange
  •      rain
  •      mint
  •      the smell of freshness


  •      white chocolate covered pretzels – sweet and salty!
  •      a good mug of tea
  •      cheese
  •       Italian cured meats
  •      potatoes


  •      the feel of a hot shower
  •      a cuddle from a fluffy cat
  •      putting my head on a pillow
  •      the feel of a hot mug of tea in my hands
  •      getting a tattoo


     And finally, I have the handwriting tag (and I was tagged by Myra from thosesecretswekeep.wordpress.com).

What to write:

  • #1: Write your name.
  • #2 Write your blogs name.
  • #3 Write your favourite word & its definition.
  • #4 Write something nice.
  • #5 Write the name of your favourite song right now.
  • #6 What you are writing with?
  • #7 Write a fun fact about yourself.
  • #8 Write/draw your favourite emotion.
  • #9 Write a silly message.
  • #10 Write who you’re tagging.

     I did this at night so the lighting and focus weren’t so good for my photo but here it goes:

Photo - Handwriting Tag (1)

Photo - Handwriting Tag (2)

     Notice how I don’t have any consistent handwriting? It changes from cursive to loopy and sometimes this semi cursive…I didn’t even get to my ‘I’m in a hurry / I don’t care’ writing!

    But that’s it for all the tags! I am going to tag…you!

    Considering I did three, I don’t know how many people I’m meant to be tagging so I’ll just put this out there for anyone to do…except Laura from www.misslaurabora.com – if you’re reading this I’m specifically tagging you because you need to start blogging more!


9 thoughts on “Get to know me, senses and handwriting tags

  1. ちょっと is a fabulous word. One of my favorites (to read) is 大丈夫. Also super versatile! おかえりなさい is a favorite for how it sounds. Japanese is the dearest love of my heart when it comes to languages. I finally traveled there for the first time this May.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gotta love ちょっと – someone asks something, you want to say no but can’t because giving a straight out no is impolite – あの…ちょっと…-problem solved! I do love 大丈夫 too, especially because you’re always 大丈夫 – feel like you’re about to keel over and die, got an axe in stuck in your head? Nope, if anyone asks, you’re 大丈夫!
      As difficult a language it is to learn, I do love Japanese so much. I’m so jealous you got to travel there. It’s still on my bucketlist. Someday I’ll be able to afford to get there!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. We saved for a long time and made it a priority above almost anything that wasn’t a dire need or emergency. Finally got to go! We were there for 2 1/2 weeks and spent our time in the Osaka and Kyoto areas. It was lovely. I hope to go back… other things are on the ‘need to spend money on’ list for now, but hopefully one day! I love how many things I can express in Japanese that are difficult to express in English. And the more I learn it, and the more I realize yes, it’s definitely difficult, the more I love it and also realize that (for me) it’s much easier than most other languages! It just ‘makes sense’ to my brain. =)

      Liked by 1 person

    3. See, I’m just so bad at saving. I was saving for a trip a few years ago – had enough saved for plane tickers, it was all going well…a few months later, my credit union savings are empty but I have three more tattoos!
      Maybe once I get some of my master’s degree fees paid for I’ll start my saving again – and I won’t spend it on tattoos this time!
      I know, sometimes I come across a word in Japanese that and I think ‘why can’t I express this same feeling/idea in English, especially in so few words!
      I do find Japanese hard (I am awful at listening and speaking) but there are things I love about it. I started learning a bit of Dutch about a year ago and it took me a while to get used to because I kept forgetting to learn how to spell words – I was so used to hearing a word with Japanese and being able to write it immediately, at least in hiragana! Kanji might be difficult but at least spelling in Japanese wasn’t a problem!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks super fun, definitely trying the handwriting tag 🙂
    I see you liked The Martian, I am reading it right now and I like the writing, even though I am still at the beginning and I don’t usually read things like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think The Martian could have been the first sci-fi novel I’ve read – normally I go for fantasy or travel lit. I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I do!


    2. I do read sci fi sometimes, but not much concerning the space in such a detail. I know next to nothing about astronomy, so I am surprised how easy this book reads.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I know, I enjoy watching science documentaries both those usually just feature Brian Cox looking at pretty landscapes and explaining the movement of stars with his coffee cup and some sugar packets xD All the science of The Martian though is surprising easily to understand and all the explanations actually add to the story because you really know what’s going on and what’s at stake. What did you think of the movie, if you’ve seen it?


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