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Craft Room Tour: Revision

     It was about a year ago now that my twin moved out of home, taking her abundance of clothes with her that had previously spilled from her bedroom into the small spare bedroom of the house. As soon as she was out, I claimed the extra space and began working on making my own little craft haven which has served me well since. All that extra space has definitely encouraged my craft supply addiction.

     It was last October that I gave you a tour of my craft room and since then things have regularly moved about. I haven’t made any drastic changes but I still thought it was about time to give an update on my craft room. So, let’s enter:

Photo - Into the Craft Room

Photo - Craft Room Areas (1)     As I said, my craft room is the small bedroom at the front of the house and as a spare bedroom, it of course has a bed in it, not that the bed gets used very often. It usually has boxes on it that I store bits and pieces in, for example, the butterfly box in the middle has a bunch of scarves I’ve knitted and the box on the right has crafts that I’ve finished.

     You’ll see lots of wine boxes in my craft room. My twin works in an off-licence and occasionally she’ll get me a nice wooden box that the wine comes in. They’re really handy for storing things and they look good too. The box you see on the bed on the left, that’s one of those boxes and I have plans for it. At some point I’m going to be turning it into a pouffe.

Photo - Craft Room Areas (2)     But that’s a topic for another day. Onto the rest of the craft room and up now is the desk area, where the work gets done! It’s a good size desk so I have plenty of room and being able to pop things up on the windowsill for extra space is handy. I also have a small heater under the desk for the winter months and all of the blankets in the world on the chair…okay, I have about three draped over the chair for comfort and warmth when the chillier weather hits. The camera tripod is a recent addition to the desk space. I set it up there so I could film my journal flipthroughs (check out my YouTube for those) and I figured rather that take the tripod down and find somewhere else to store it when not in use, I’d just keep it there because it doesn’t bother me.

     A labelled view of my desk:

Photo - Craft Room Tour (1)

     There’s three drawers on the left of the desk and these are super handy. In the top drawer I have my punches and ink pads, and also some staplers. I call the middle drawer ‘the adhesive drawer’ as this is where I keep my glue, brushes for it, glue sticks for my glue guns, pritt sticks, adhesive foam dots for card making and all my double-sided tape. If you need to stick something, this is the drawer for you! The bottom drawer is my ‘I didn’t know where else to but it but hey, I guess it fits in here’ drawer. It’s got tape, string, paint, cork, clay…crayons….lots of random things. For all of my drawers, I’ve made origami boxes to divide the space up and make it more organised. Trust me, dividing up drawer space makes a huge difference!

     To the right of my desk I have all the rest of my craft supplies. It being a small room, I can pretty much reach everything without having to get up from the chair which is handy. These two storage units were just ones that were around in the house that I made do with. They don’t seem very sturdy but they’ve been holding up my heavy boxes of paper without a problem for a year now so they’re not as fragile as I thought they were!

Photo - Craft Room Tour (6)     On the wall between the desk and the shelf unit, I’ve taken to taping things to the wall so I can see them and remember to use them at some point. There’s also two hooks there so I started hanging the odd unopened set of tags and die-cuts up in the hopes that I’ll be encouraged to use them quicker.

     You can just about see it in the photo above but on the floor space between the desk and the shelves, the area just below where I have these things stuck up, I have my printer. I did have my printer on one of the shelves but it shook the unit a lot and I thought it would be safer to put it on the floor.

     The bits and pieces on my shelf – lots of boxes and folders:

Photo - Craft Room Tour (7)

     Boxes and baskets really help make the shelf space usable for lots of bits and pieces. For example, I have a box where I can put just Christmas related craft things like tags and stamps. Open boxes are particularly useful because you want to be able to see what you have. If you can’t see it, you’ll forget you have it! The small drawer piece up top, that’s something I got in Ikea and it’s a handy piece for storing small things like ribbon. It’s a plain wooden piece so I decorating mine using some nice paper for the drawers. Very easy to personalise but it looks great.

     Again, more wine boxes here on my second shelf piece…which I think is actually a shoe rack! I did say they were really useful for storage. Folder holders are also a really useful storage method.

Photo - Craft Room Tour (9)

Photo - Craft Room Tour (10)

      Above my shelves, I also have this strange looking abstract art piece, also known as a stick hanging from some hooks where I hang my circular knitting needles:

Photo - Craft Room Tour (11)

Photo - Craft Room Tour (12)     And I think that brings my to the end of my craft room tour…wait, I forgot what’s behind the door. There’s some hooks here that I hang gift bags from – can never have too many gift bags. There’s a basket below where I store wrapping paper and stuff and I also have a bag of fake flowers…well, they come in handy!

     And so now you know where all of my craft supplies are! What do you think of my craft room?

     What kind of work space do you have? Or what would your dream craft space look like?


26 thoughts on “Craft Room Tour: Revision

    1. It is nice having my own space (does encourage a bit of hoarding though! xD). I can imagine how difficult it is to have a crafting space if you’ve got three toddlers. Closest thing to that I have to worry about is cats!


  1. that’s such a cute little space! for some reason, i really love seeing other people’s craft spaces. it gives me tons of inspiration and a lot of good natured jealousy haha. i operate mostly out of a few plastic containers. i’ve been waiting to find the perfect desk and storage from the second hand shops here, since i have an entire spare room to use, and a little nook downstairs. it’s so hard to do all the things i want without a table!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here, I love seeing other people’s craft spaces, it gives me ideas of what I can do with my own! I can imagine crafting without a table is difficult! Hopefully you’ll find a suitable one soon to put in your craft space.


  2. I would love to have a room dedicated to crafts and projects! Sadly, I’m confined to my tiny little bedroom for everything. I am however in the process of rearranging said room into something a bit more efficient for working, so fingers crossed there. But it won’t be anywhere near as fantastic as this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, it was a long wait for that room! For a while it seemed like my older sister would never move out of home and that it would forever be filled with her extra clothes. Now I have the incentive to not move out xD
      Good luck with rearranging your bedroom!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The trick is to not move out of home. Well, that was my trick 😀 Wait for my sisters to move out, claim their space and buy lots of craft material to fill the room so they couldn’t put their stuff back! xD

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Not nearly as many washi tapes as I’d like! That’s the problem with washi tapes – there are always more designs and patterns to covet xD
      To be honest, it’s only so organised because the day before taking the pictures I’d cleaned and rearranged stuff. You don’t want to know how messy it gets when I actually start crafting! 😀


    2. Ahh yes I feel you! There are so many nice ones!!
      Hahaha yes I can imagine, when I’m “on action” my room is the same!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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