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Planning with Geo #18 – Weekly Spread

     Okay, I said I’d try get the planning cheaply post written for this week seeing as I didn’t get it done for last week but I still haven’t gotten round to it so it’s just another weekly spread for you this week.

Photo - Planner Weekly View

     But’s it’s a very pretty weekly spread if that’s any consolation, at least I think it’s pretty – I mean, look, it’s got hot air balloons! I like hot air balloons (hence the reason I have hot air balloon themed dividers).

     I really don’t have much else to say about the spread than that. Wow, this could possibly be my shortest ever blog post! No rambling…maybe I’m still sick?

     Okay, I’ll just use the time and words to ask a few questions. Do you enjoy seeing weekly spreads? I mean, I enjoy decorating my planner but if people aren’t too interested in seeing it I can always come up with other topics to post about. How do you feel about plan with me videos? I know there’s a lot of them on YouTube, been wondering if I should try give it ago and if it works out, do it once a month or so. Not every week though, my usual slow, sometimes two hour, planner decorating session on the couch with a cup of tea and a documentary to watch isn’t very conducive to videoing!

     Oh, another question, would anyone be interested if I did an ask me anything post? Or even video (although I doubt that would turn out well, my voice doesn’t record well). Just thinking of things I could do when I reach 500 followers.

   Well, let me know what you think about those, or if you’ve got any topics you’d like to see me talk about. Any ideas are always appreciated!

     On a side note, I wish I had brighter photos! I make them a bit brighter using Photoshop but there’s only so much I can do there quickly without the other colours washing out. You know what would be a great help for my photos, some natural light. I wonder where that’s gotten to these days…haven’t seen that sun in a while…


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