Planning with Geo #19 – August Monthly View

     It’s monthly view time and look, I decided to actually try use the monthly view to plan! I used more of the lavender field sticker kit I got from Pretty Crafty Stickers on Etsy. It’s the same kit I used last month and for a weekly spread a few weeks ago. I do love it, it has a nice mix of purples, blues and pinks in soft shades. It’s pretty simply decorated but I still like it that way.

Photo - August Monthly View

     I do like this spread however, the keen-eyed amongst you might have noticed something about these pages, that being…well, they’re not actually in my planner. Planning on pages that aren’t in your planner, that doesn’t make much sense, you might be thinking and you’d be correct about that, it doesn’t make much sense but here’s the truth of the matter – I actually stopped planning on the monthly pages about a week into August. The truth – I have decided to give up on my monthly view!

     Well, not entirely, but yes to this form. I have been doing a lot of planner work lately and in the process, my personal Filofax has gotten a bit of a revamp and I’ve removed all but three sections so no more monthly views in it! I’ll be doing a series of planner tours soon so you’ll see what I mean then but suffice to say, this is the last personal planner monthly view for sure and possibly the last monthly view I do for a while (I’m not sure yet if the new ones I’m making for a different planner are worth showing monthly).

     Don’t worry though, Geo is still my weekly to-do list planner so that hasn’t changed – she’s just slimmer now and more focused (like I wish I was). There will still be plenty of weekly spreads and stickers to show you!


2 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #19 – August Monthly View

  1. I love the simplicity of your journalling pages. I have become embroiled in “The Documented Life” this year and have fallen far behind (June, July and August behind)! I keep planning to pick it up again but the task is getting a little overwhelming. However I am determined and the simplicity of your pages has given me an idea on how I might do that. Thank you for sharing your method and your process.

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    1. That is falling a little behind! It’s so easy for that to happen, isn’t it? Once you fall a little behind, thinking about catching up can be overwhelming. I’m happy to hear that my pages have given you an idea – sometimes simplicity is the way to go! 🙂


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