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Monthly Catch Up – August 2016

     And so another month ends. This time, we say goodbye to August and the summer also. Tomorrow is September and you know what that means – it’s Christmas! No really, I’ve heard whispering that some shops are preparing their Christmas stock. Can’t we just enjoy the season we’re in?

     That’s just a pet peeve of mine so enough of that, time to get caught up on my monthly posting so you can make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Photo - August Blog Catch Up (1)     My blog month started, as months start, at the start of the month, when I showed you my monthly view of July and also showed off the mammoth sticker haul I had (no really, it was a big sticker haul!). Following the first post I had, oddly enough, a second post and as usual for the start of the month, I looked at my incoming mail from the previous, in this case, July’s incoming mail. And, for my craft post of the first week, I took a look at some envelope flip books I made, or really, attempted to make. We learn from mistakes though and even better learn from other mistakes so maybe that helped someone from making the same ones!

     For the second week of August, I caught up on my weekly views in Geo, took a look at my outgoing mail from July and did all of the tags, well three separate tag topics I combined into one post.

Photo - August Blog Catch Up (2)

     Wiring my way through month now, I had plans for other topics, as you can see by my mess of a planning page, but got sick so just looked at more weekly spreads in Geo instead. I did put a lot of effort into my snail mail post for that week though in my attempt to write a very informative post for anyone looking for where to start with finding pen pals. Hopefully that’ll be of use to a few people out there! And finally for that week, I updated you on my craft room (mostly because I’d just cleaned it so it was looking rather nice!).

     Last week I once again put off the topic I had planned, made a mess of my planner pages and just showed you yet more weekly spreads with Geo instead! When in doubt, show off some stickers! On Wednesday, I made some free envelope templates available for everyone (hope they’re useful!) and on Friday I finally got round to posting all the wedding, anniversary and engagement cards I’d made over the summer.Photo - August Blog Catch Up (3)

     And finally, for this week, I had my August monthly view (my last monthly view!) and of course this post. And, am managing to keep Friday’s post a secret too – mostly because change of plans for the topic (who said planners always had to be neat!

     Well, that wraps up August then. How was your August? Did it go to plan? Or was it as messy as my blog planning was?


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