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Planning with Geo #20 – Weekly Views

     Hey everyone. It’s Monday so I’m back with another planner post. Today I have two weekly spreads for you.

     Let’s start with last week:

Photo - Geo Yellow Weekly View

     (As usual, sorry for the slightly dull photos – my planner and decent light just don’t like each other!). So, last week I went with a yellow and grey and a bit of orange theme. Yellow isn’t my favourite of colours. I don’t really use it too often in anything I do but actually, I quite like this sticker kit (which I got from PrettyCraftyStickers on Etsy). Mixing yellow with grey works really well! I actually ended up liking this yellow and grey spread more than the previous weeks one.

     For the previous week, I used a pink and gold sticker kit :
Photo - Planner Weekly View (1)

     The kit I went with was actually decided by the mini notecard I was sticking in to add extra space for my planner organisation to-do list. It was pink, brown and gold and I just happened to have a sticker kit that matched fairly well with it (triangles and all!).

     I just stuck the notecard in with some washi tape on one side so that I could open it up for my planner list and turn it over for my usual note box lists. It worked out well.

     And actually, for anyone interested, I did record my planner decorating if you want to see how I get from blank pages to decorated pages:

     I know, not the most interesting of videos, listening to random music while you watch me decorate but I was just practising. Maybe next time I’ll build up the courage to record my voice and talk you through my planning process, not that I have too much to say about it other than ‘I just thought this sticker would look nice here’!


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