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Bedroom Desk Tour

     Having recently organised and cleaned my craft room (you’ve all seen my craft room tour by now, haven’t you?), I decided the desk in the corner of my bedroom was also in need of some re-organising. The desk in my room is where I usually write my letters and do my journaling but I figured it could do with a bit of a spruce as I’ll be needing somewhere nice and organised to study once I start my online masters soon.

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (1)     So, this is my desk area at the end of my bed. It’s a small and busy area (hence why I was so happy when my sisters moved out to be able to claim an extra bedroom for my hoards of craft supplies!). I love my desk area though and anyway, a corner desk like this was the only one I could fit nicely in my room. Between natural lighting from the window on side and a lamp on the other, it’s a well lit desk and as long as there’s room on top for my laptop and a notebook at the same time, I guess that’s all I need!

     Where to start with my desk tour…I know, let’s start underneath. I don’t have any desk drawers but at least there’s some handy shelves underneath the desk for boxes of things.

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (2)

     And lots of boxes I have – there’s my box of pen pal letters, my box of knitting tools, a keepsakes box (which is actually a biscuit tin from Christmas but it looks like a book, it’s all the things I love!), a box of large envelopes, a box with random things I can give to pen pals, a box with copic markers in it and a light box…well, it’s a box of sorts! There’s also the dreaded wires and plugs. There’s just no way of making them neat, is there? Also, there’s just something about hair dryers – I can just never find anywhere good to put them away neatly!

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (4)     Moving onto the top of desk, there’s a lot more going on. This is the left side of the desk where I keep my pens and stuff. I think every desk needs to have a book or two on it so here I have ‘Fluent in 3 Months’ which my sister got me for Christmas and Lonely Planet’s Guide to the World because…well, why not have a guide to the world on your desk. Next to those I have my box full of colouring pencils, some of which are also watercolour pencils, and a jar full of sketch pencils. It was just a nice jar with an interesting label, figured I’d use it for something once I’d drank the contents. Anyway, also along this section of the desk is a memo block, mini stamp set, ink pad, colouring pens, a selection of washi tapes guarded by a giraffe (who says you can’t have a guard giraffe?) and a candle.

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (5)

     As for the right hand side of my desk, this side is where I keep my planners and journals. I’ve also got more jars filled with things, in this case, a jar of paint brushes and a jar of knitting needs. Jars are very useful. There’s also a storage unit. I got it a while back and it was fairly cheap, it’s shown up a few times on my blog. It was a standing unit but I just put it on it side to fit it nicely on my desk.

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (8)

     Putting it on it’s side meant I could pop loads of small things on top of it that I want to keep in easy reach, and that also look nice, like some stickers, stamps and sticky notes. The box holding the notepaper is actually one I got from Aldi a few months back when they had stationery on sale and of course I have my instant camera sitting up there – because it’s so cute to look at. As for the drawers, one holds my cheap watercolour set, one is for practical things like paperclips and one has nice things, like stickers and….at some point other things! Oh, and I have another set of copic markers off to the side.

     Looking back at the top photo, you’ll notice the tall drawer in the middle of my desk along the wall. This is another handy piece of storage and it’s basically my snail mail unit. The top shelve has a small selection of stamps and ink pads. Underneath that, I have my drawer of note cards, followed by my drawer of loose envelopes (where I also keep my stamps). The bottom drawer is my postcard drawer.

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (7)     On the right, the purple wall, above my desk I have a pin board which is a bit of a mess at the moment. It’s got my ruler hanging there and some mini envelopes pinned up and filled with bits and pieces like stickers and washi samples I get from pen pals. I also have a tiny gift bag hung up where I put used tickets and polaroid pictures. Some stuff pinned up is there because it’s pretty and I want to be able to see it (like the fox note card) and then other stuff is just practical – like various lists of things that I will at some point remember to look at.

     At some point.

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (6)     On the grey wall above my desk I have a handy magazine holder that I got in Ikea to hold my books and magazines. The books are usually craft related, like the one I have on how to make handmade books. There’s also a lot of Flow books there because, surprise, I really love Flow products. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a colouring book or two close at hand. I like this magazine holder because I can also use it as a magnet board to keep more pretty things in my line of sight (like sexy dwarves).

Photo - Bedroom Desk Tour (3)     The last section to show you of my desk tour isn’t actually my desk but it’s part of my desk area so it still counts. It’s an old DVD holder that I now use for storing notebooks and the like, because I have quite a few notebooks and they need somewhere to hang out. It’s also a handy place to keep my pot of tools like scissors, hole punch and craft knife. Between the DVD holder and my chest of drawers is a gap just big enough to store my small selection of sketchpads, the ones I haven’t filled up (all my old sketchpads are on a shelf somewhere else).

     And…yup, that’s my desk tour. It’s a small space but I’ve managed to ramble on about it enough I think! Let me know what you think about it or if you’ve spotted any ideas you want to incorporate into your own desk space. Better yet, why not give your own desk tour and let me know, I love seeing different workspaces, it’s so interesting seeing what works and doesn’t for other people!


20 thoughts on “Bedroom Desk Tour

    1. Haha, I wish having copic markers made you draw well! I need to get back into drawing more – been so long I probably need to relearn how to!
      I love having my own space – it’s my cozy place to get away from people! I can’t imagine sharing anymore (when I was 8 I shared a room with my twin but thankfully we got our own rooms! xD)


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