Pocket Planner Address Book


     Hello everyone! Changing it up from my personal planner weekly views, today I’ll be giving my pocket planner some time in the spotlight.

     There’s been a lot going in my planner world of late with a lot of things moving around. As many of you know, I got this pocket planner just under a year ago when I was in Bath and I started using it in November 2015. Unfortunately, I started to find the pocket-size way too small for me; I fell out of love and stopped using it around March of this year. Since then, this little planner has been sitting around on my desk, gathering dust. I still loved how the planner looked (I mean, come on, those owls are adorable!) but I just didn’t know what to use it for. I didn’t want it to go to waste and neither of my sisters needed it, I was at a bit of a loss really and that’s when it popped into my head to use it as an address book.

pocket-address-page-left     I had planned to put an address section in my A5 planner but having a separate address planner made sense because it would give me plenty of room to expand as the years go on and the pocket-size is suitable for addresses. Set on this idea, I stripped my planner back to basics and started looking for printable address inserts to use. I couldn’t find any I wanted though so I ended up having to design my own which I’m quite happy with. I like how simple they are. They turned out rather well so I even put them up for sale in my Etsy shop, check them out here if you’re interested in using them yourself.

     With the plan set and my inserts printed, I starting setting it up. Seeing as this isn’t an everyday use planner, I didn’t feel the need to decorate the inside heavily with pretty and cute things like sticker notes. Leaving the pockets empty though felt like the planner was unfinished so I just cut a 6×4 journal card down to size and used some paper clips to keep it in place. I had another 3×4 journal card that I liked so I simply punched some holes in that to stick in for the dashboard.


     I was dividing my address book into two sections, a standard address section and my pen pals section, so I needed some dividers which I made myself, somewhat in a spur of the moment thing – I wasn’t planning on making them when I sat down in my craft room but a short time later, I’d made them.


photo-pocket-planner-address-book-4     For the two dividers, I cut 6×4 journal cards down to size for the bases and then cut elements from other journal cards out to stick on before laminating and punching holes. All very simple but again, for something I did unplanned and quickly, I like how they turned out.

     For my address book section, I have the simple page inserts I designed which just list name, address, phone number, email and birthday – the basics.


photo-pocket-planner-address-book-7     An organised address book should be divided up by the letters of the alphabet so to do this with my pages, I used small alpha stickers.

     My pen pal section has the same page as the address book one but it also has a second page for likes, dislikes and general notes – so I can list things like blogs, IG and the like, and take quick notes on likes that I can reference for ideas for presents or anything.


    I also have a tiny notebook in the back pocket that I just kept there in case. And that’s my pocket planner address book!

     Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my pocket planner and maybe it’s given you an idea of what you can do with a pocket planner you might have lying around unused. I feel like a lot of us planner nerds fall for the cuteness of the pocket size only to discover it’s too small for daily use. Am I right with that or is it maybe just me? To fellow planner users out there, do you use a pocket planner? Or do you own an unused one?


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