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August 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

photo-august-2016-outgoing-stamps     August was a good snail mail month, for incoming and outgoing, a good month! I had quite a lot of outgoing mail, too much to show you all of it but while I can’t show you everything I can pick out a few favourite pieces of my outgoing mail from last month!

     Before showcasing the mail though, take a look at some of the stamps from last month. There was a lot of using up awkward numbers and making up the €1.10 price with lots of different stamps at the start of the month before I got more. At least all the small stamps are floral which I don’t mind using, could be worse I guess!

    Onto my mail art and let’s start with my favourite thing to do – cut out some colouring book images and just stick ’em on! I was using some floral stamps so some leaves seemed a fitting match for this kraft envelope I sent off to Myra.


     To Bridget, my pen pal over in America, a fan of floral and Yeats, I made a pink floral envelope with some contrasting blue contents. But that’s a plain pink envelope, you point out looking at the picture. Well, I put the pattern side of the paper on the inside, thought it would be a nice change! For another envelope I sent off to America, I decided to go with making it from a magazine although unfortunately I didn’t have any stamps or paper that particularly matched – can’t win them all!

     Next up…look, I’m never far away from colouring book pages! Although for the envelope I sent off to Iceland, for once I actually coloured it in! Damn colouring in pages takes a while! I don’t have too much patience for it at all! For the letter I sent off to Keely, I just made an envelope from the colouring book page but I let this friendly beetle surrounded by flowers guard the contents!

photo-august-2016-outgoing-calendar-envelopes     The final outgoing pieces to show you this month are these envelopes I made from old calendar pages. My sister works in a tourist shop and was able to pass on a bunch of 2016 calendars (12!) that they were getting rid of so that they could get the 2017 ones in. The calendar pictures are absolutely lovely and good quality so they’re making nice envelopes. Actually, my sister was having a chat with the guy who was dropping the 2017 calendars into the shop and telling him about how I make envelopes out of them so he gave her a free 2017 one to pass on to me. What a lovely man! I’m guessing you’ll be seeing plenty of calendar envelopes from me over the next few months.

     And that brings my August mail to end! Like I said, August was a pretty good month for snail mail. I quite like the selection of envelopes I made – I wonder how I’ll make September match up…


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