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A Variety of Cards

     With this post, I’m finally going to catch up on all the cards I’ve made over the last few months (well, all the cards I remembered to take pictures of!). There’s no theme this time, it’s a bit of an eclectic mix of cards to get through the pile.

     First up, a small beach card for no particular purpose:


     This card is from months back, possibly April! It actually ended up being part of the inspiration for the colours for the sitting room when we were decorating it. The die-cut image I wanted to use was too big for this card base but I didn’t want to cut the image, so came the design decision to have it coming off the card which I think looks quite nice, it adds to the layering effect.

     Next up is another old seaside themed card:


     It’s based around another die-cut image from the same set as the previous card. At the time though, I didn’t have any papers to match it so instead, I used some sticky backing wallpaper! It’s actually the same stuff I used to decorate the Ikea table I upcycled a few months ago so it’s quite an unusual texture for a card. I decorated the envelope with the same paper and also used a shell I cut out from a colouring book.

     Yet another card from months ago, I have this frame one:


photo-may-card-making-8     This one is actually a card kit my sister got me for Christmas and I love it – when I was in the shops after Christmas I spotted it and it was on sale for only €2.50 so I couldn’t resist picking up more of it! The kit contains everything you you see above, including the bit of ribbon for closing it. Love a good card kit! I do enjoy making my own cards but sometimes it’s nice to have everything provided and just follow some instructions, don’t you agree?

photo-quick-birthday-card    The fourth card to show you today is a more recent one, from July I believe. It’s a very simple birthday card I made. The blue card base and envelope came from a card pack belonging to the docraft’s Wilson Wood range I believe. The wood pattern die-cut and owl happy birthday tag are also from the same range of craft products and I can’t remember where I picked the polaroid frame up, I just thought that it went with the blue and brown colours.

     The final card to show you today is the most recent card to make and it’s one I made for my parents anniversary at the start of the month:


     It’s the first easel style card I’ve made. The flower, bird and butterfly die cuts are all from the same kit and I just happened to have the lavender fields die cut to match. The window is a chipboard element – I love using chipboard elements in extra special cards. For my first easel style card, I’m fairly happy with the result. It might not fold flat very well but at least it’s nice to look at!

     And those are my cards! I’ve got a few birthday cards to make for all the October birthdays my pen pals have but other than those, I’ll be busy making Christmas cards for a while and I won’t be posting them until December obviously so I won’t have too many card making posts until them, hope no one minds too much!

18 thoughts on “A Variety of Cards

    1. Thanks!
      So many cards to make and so little time it seems! October’s a busy month for birthdays so I do need to get some made – guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!


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