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My Not So Crafty Side #3 – Heritage and Hedgehogs

     It’s been…approximately two months since the last ‘My Not So Crafty Side‘ blog post, the posts where I talk about some of the non craft related topics of my life to try to prove that I don’t just sit around in a craft room all day making things (I would like that to be my life though – how do you get paid to do that?).

     Last time, I mentioned that I’d applied for an online MSc in World Heritage Conservation degree and been accepted. Well, the course has started now! I can’t actually tell you too much about it or give an opinion on what it’s like to study online though because it has only just started this week and I haven’t had a chance to read the weeks content yet as my twin was up from Cork. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in though. The first module I’ll be doing is all about the world heritage convention. By the time the next ‘Not So Crafty Side’ post comes around I’ll have gotten a few weeks of the course under the belt so I’ll be able to tell you more about it and what it’s like then.

     While on the topic of maser’s degrees though, you may remember that in the last ‘Not So Crafty Side’ post, I talked about FutureLearn and how doing some free online courses on that inspired me to look for master’s degrees in the heritage field. Well, that post was spotted by someone who works at FutureLearn who got in contact with me about featuring me on their blog about FutureLearn learners. There’s a post all about me on a blog that’s not my blog – exciting! It went up a while ago but I just forgot to mention it here, oops! Check it out here though.

     Moving away from the study subject and onto something completely unrelated that I don’t know how to segue to nicely…there was a hedgehog living in my garden for a few days!

photo-hedgehog-1      We have a cat carrier down at the end of the garden for the stray cats to sleep in and one of the cats had been using it but then we noticed that the cat had stopped and we were wondering why. Turns out the reason was there was a prickly friend using it instead! Well, I wouldn’t want to share a bed with him either. The hedgehog seemed to be enjoying using the cat bed during the day and snacking on leftover cat food, and the things that were eating the cat food, at night. It’s meant to be a bad sign to see a hedgehog during the day because they are nocturnal creatures but this one did pop out for some meals during daylight and seemed fine – he could certainly move quickly because he’d appear, get something to eat and disappear again in a flash.


     We were trying for ages to figure out where the little guy came from until eventually my dad figured he might have left the side gate open one night and it came in that way because we left it open another night to see if the hedgehog would leave the back garden and it seems he did. We learned something from this experience – hedgehogs’ll shit anywhere! They’re filthy – had to give the cat bed a thorough clean and get new blankets for it so that the cats would use it again.

      So, got one of the stray cats to use a cat bed and then saw a hedgehog – screw the master’s degree, these are the highlights of my month!

     Also, there are rumours that Ikea are looking to open a store in Cork. These are exciting times people, exciting times!

     And now you know why I blog about crafts and not my day-to-day life. For good reasons I keep these posts to once every two months!


12 thoughts on “My Not So Crafty Side #3 – Heritage and Hedgehogs

  1. Wonderful post! How lucky are you to have your own hedgehog visitor? Being from Canada, it’s on my bucket list to see a real live Mrs. Tiggywinkle in its natural environment before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

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    1. Haha, I’m sure you will someday! Just come over to Ireland, put some cat food out in a garden and wait for some sneaky night visitors xD Haven’t seen the hedgehog since we left the gate open one night so guessing he left for a nicer place – maybe somewhere with fewer cats…not that the hedgehog seemed bothered by them.

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    1. Well the great thing about the degree I’m doing is that you don’t have to have a background in conservation to do it – I don’t actually have any experience in heritage and my undergrad degree is in English lit and Japanese! Good thing the course is part time because it’s gonna take me a little bit to get used to the different style but I am enjoying it 🙂


    1. I ‘interview’ well when given amble amount of time to answer questions while drinking a cup of tea – shame that’s not how face to face interviews work xD I’ve just started on the course content and I’m really liking it. It’s very different to what I’m used to studying so it’s taking me a bit longer than usual to get through the material though.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It does! I’m actually missing when I was reading in a different language to be honest! Feeling a little bit like Japanese was easier than all the lists of organisations I’m reading about 😀

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