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Monthly Catch Up – September 2016

     Hey everyone.

     So, September’s over. Hard to believe that, isn’t it? I know a few of my readers are students, so I hope the first month back has gone well for you.

     It’s crazy how fast time seems to be passing these days but I guess that it’s time to get to my monthly catch-up post!


Paperfluff’s Paper Bag Album

     So, let’s take a quick gander back at the past month. I started my month with my Paper Bag Craft Challenge which was quite fun. Actually, I did say that if anyone participated, I’d mention them on my blog. As far as I know Paperfluff was the only one to join in the challenge. If you haven’t seen her post already, you should go check it out here. She made an absolutely gorgeous album!

     Following that, my first planner post of the month was a simple weekly view post and then I had my August incoming snail mail (as I do at the start of every month!).

      In case anyone was wondering where I do my blogging (and now college work), you can find out if you check out my bedroom desk tour post. I also write my letters from my desk and if you want to see what kinds of things I write, check out my August outgoing snail mail post.

     Kicking off my series of planner tours, I showed you my pocket planner address book which I followed up with my snail mail organisation planner. Well, there was another weekly view post separating them but you know what I mean!


     For the card crafters out there, you might be interested in my post where I caught up on showing you the variety of cards I’ve been making and for people who think hedgehogs are cute, check out my not so crafty side post to see the pictures I took of the little garden visitor we had this month.

     Coming towards the end of the month now, we’re just left with my cameras and photo set ups post and my simple ways to decorate snail mail one.

     You know, I think I managed to cover a good variety of topics this month! What do you think? Which was your favourite?

     Actually, dear readers, what do you think of the topics I write about? What’s your favourite? Least favourite? What would you like to see more or less of? I’m curious to know what people like most about my blog.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Catch Up – September 2016

    1. But maybe I’ve put the idea in peoples heads at least and down the road when they want to make something they’ll think of paper bags! I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge though, Me and Myra will definitely be doing more in the future because we find them fun. We were meant to have one for the start of October but I’ve been a bit busy sorting out my masters degree schedule but hopefully we’ll have one up by mid October!

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