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Planning with Geo #22 – Weekly Spreads, Red Themed

     Hello everyone!

      For today’s planner related post, I have three weekly spreads for you, a trilogy if you will, as they all have a red theme going on. All the stickers you’re going to see in these spreads are from PrettyCrafyStickers on Etsy. The first week is from a mini weekly kit and the second and third weeks are from a weekly no white space kit.

      So, this first poppy theme has a red (obviously), black, white and brown theme going on. I kept the sticker decorating fairly simple for this week in the hope of getting things done, though I wasn’t exactly successful in that as you can see with how few things are ticked off!


photo-poppy-planner-pages-4     For last weeks decorating, I went a bit sticker mad! I think I was feeling a little down at the end of the previous week with the whole it not being successful. When that happens, the next week usually gets a lot of stickers! So, these stickers are from the ECLP ‘no white space’ weekly kit and I think I preferred this kit to the previous one because it has grey rather than black. I do much prefer the grey because it’s softer on the eye. It was also my dad’s birthday on Friday so that was a good excuse to pull out my balloon and cupcake stickers.

     Usually I show you my weekly spreads after the week is over but today I’m doing it a little different. I decorated this week at the same time as I decorated last weeks pages so I used the same sticker set for it and I figured I’d just show all the red spreads together.


photo-poppy-planner-pages-6     So, the sticker kit I got was actually for the vertical planner so that’s why the weekend banner is how it. This week is my birthday week so I felt justified in having a heavily decorated one and I couldn’t help but use the decorative stickers because they’re just so pretty!

     And the cupcake stickers I have go really well with the kit theme, with the brown and the little strawberries, so that’s nice too.

     Overall, I’m really happy with how these weeks came out. They might not be the most practical for lists (although, there’s still plenty of room to write things), but I think it’s okay to have a sticker heavy page every now and again, especially when it’s so therapeutic to pick out and arrange stickers while watching YouTube videos.

     What do you think about my weekly spreads? In your own planner, do you decorate heavily or do you prefer to keep things simple?


5 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #22 – Weekly Spreads, Red Themed

  1. These came out really well! I love the poppy theme (I’m from California and our state flower is an orange/yellow poppy)! You know, as much as I love the look of sticker/washi heavy layouts, I don’t find them practical for my uses. I love looking at them when other people do them, but when I try to do them I end up getting distracted by everything and missing the things I planned! Lol! But like you said, every once in a while going sticker-heavy is really, really fun! 😉

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    1. Totally understand, my pages are a bit busy this week so adding some extra things as the week goes on is going to be tricky! I’ll definitely go back to somewhat simpler pages next week but it is nice to go sticker mad on special weeks!


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