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September 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Is it Wednesday? Yes. Is it the first Wednesday of the month? Why, it is. Well then, I guess it’s time to showcase a few bits and pieces of my incoming mail from September!

     I got quite a few bits of mail in September but I have to admit that I got very bad at photographing it. I remembered to take a few shots though so I have some pieces to show you!


     First up is some unexpected but lovely mail from Nyx over at She sent me a fantastic little mini zine that explains what a zine is and how to make one. It’s definitely making me want to make one! When I get my schedule in order and have a bit more time on my hands, I’ll certainly give it a go, once I figure out what I’d make a zine about that is! (Feel free to give me some ideas!)


     I also got some lovely mail from Keely over at I love the map she used for the envelope (and that cute little fish swimming off the coast of Japan!). And how cute are those ice cream stamps? I’m sure those penguins are enjoying them!

photo-september-2016-incoming-france     From my French pen pal, I got this very pretty envelope and paper. My French pen pal does live in France but she’s in Strasbourg so she’s right on the border with Germany and actually sends her mail from Germany because it’s cheaper. Wish I could do that! I’d love to be able to have two countries worth of stamps to choose from. If I lived close to the border, I’d definitely be making use of sending things from Northern Ireland so I could use some of the UK stamps!

     Speaking of stamps, here’s just a bunch of pictures of stamps I got this month:

photo-september-2016-incoming-early-birthday-present-1     I also got some early birthday mail just as the month was ending which made me very happy to get.

     My New Zealand pen pal sent me a Pokemon Pocket Letter! Pokemon!

     And the goodies she packed in behind are lovely. She sent me some more used stamps and tiny Totoro paper. (I love Totoro, how could you not love Totoro?)

     And the final piece of mail (that I have a photo of) is another piece of birthday mail – a surprise birthday card from the lovely Emma over It’s so pretty, and she sent some journaling cards as well which I absolutely love! Thank you so much!


     So that’s my September incoming mail. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at it and that it’s satisfied your snail mail fix for the day! You’ll have to wait till next Wednesday for my outgoing mail though!

11 thoughts on “September 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. I love Keely’s map envelope–and what a stamp party!

    Also, the wonderful Irish Setter stamp. I had 3 of those beauties as I was growing up, and they were not only beautiful–they also were lovely “people.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do love the Irish dog breeds stamps, they have some of my favourite breeds (who doesn’t love a setter or a wolfhound!). I’m quite jealous of you having three three setters, they’re just such gorgeous dogs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those ice cream stamps are so fun! They make me want ice cream 🙂

    I live close to the border with Germany as well and sometimes send mail from there, but not often because I actually have to travel across the whole of Basel to get to the border. Usually laziness trumps price and I just send my letters right here in Switzerland 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right, food stamps always make me want food xD
      Probably not worth sending mail from Germany if the cost and time of getting there isn’t worth the difference of stamps, but still nice I guess to have the option of different stamps!


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