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My Birthday Haul

     Hey everyone!

     As some of you know, yesterday was my birthday. I turned 24. I feel that’s an age where people can assume you are a responsible adult but I can safely say that no, I am not an adult yet. I know this because I ended my birthday debating if I had space in my stomach for another cupcake, realising it would probably make me sick to eat another one, eating it anyway and then asking my mom if she could fill a hot water bottle for me because I was right in my assessment of the cupcake and stomach situation.

     That’s how I adult!

     But enough about cupcakes (although they were really good cupcakes), it was my birthday so that means I got presents and most of them were craft related so that means…present haul!

     Oh, also, before I get to the presents, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

     And now onto the presents. Here’s what my parents got me:


     You see that guys, I finally got a score board, I can now measure and score straight lines – I can finally make shit proper neat! Or to phrase that better: I can finally score and fold lines that I know are straight rather than relaying on my dodgy measurements and taking three times as long to do so. I also got a heat tool and some embossing powders so I’m looking forward to playing around with those. The only non-crafty thing I got was the book, ‘The Story of God – A Biblical Comedy About Love (And Hate)’ by Chris Matheson. It’s been on my book list for a while now because it keeps getting mentioned on all the podcasts I listen to. I’ve just finished the first chapter and it’s really good. For anyone who doesn’t know what it’s about, it’s basically the bible rewritten as a comedy from the perspective of God, trying to explain why he does what he does. That sounds odd but it’s actually really funny, I recommend it.

     Actually, I also got some of my birthday present the week before when my mom bought me a load of craft supplies:

photo-birthday-presents-3     I picked up a couple of things for Christmas and also some stamp sets. I got three sets. One is a tree stamp but all the leaves for it are separate stamps in the pack so you can really create your own tree, even add some squirrels, birds and swing sets – it’s really cute. The other two sets are similar; they both have a vintage steampunky look going on. One is just a single A5 size stamp, good for backgrounds, and the other has the same images as in the A5 stamp but as individual stamps. I haven’t used them yet but they look really cool so I’m going to have fun with them.

     I also bought a book and a magazine online a few weeks ago. They arrived the day before my birthday so I’m counting them as my birthday treat to myself:


     I know, I bought these in September and I had a no book buying goal for September but…I bought these as college related material so it doesn’t count! (Well, I am studying World Heritage conservation, it seems reasonable).

     So that’s my birthday haul. Although, as this post goes out, I’ll probably be in town getting more craft supplies as my sister said that rather than pick something out for me, she’d just pay for what I picked out for myself – works for me! All in all, a good birthday!

     Oh, unrelated to my birthday but before I end this post, I’d just like to mention that you should go check out The Pensive Penner blog which I wrote a guest post for the other day about my pen likes. It’s a cool blog about pens and who doesn’t like humorous and quirky reviews of pens! Go check out my guest post here.

     Aside from that, have a good weekend everyone!


39 thoughts on “My Birthday Haul

  1. Belated birthday wishes. Your craft haul looks a lot of fun. I have no idea about this ‘adult’ you speak of. Two kids, a house and desperately trying to forget that I’m nearer 40 than 30. I really wouldn’t consider myself an adult!

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  2. Happy birthday, again 😀 I actually am very fond of the “just go pick out some craft supplies and I’ll pay for them in lieu of a surprise gift” method of birthdaying–it’s a kind gesture from those who understand us crafting addicts!–so good for your sister, and I hope you find all sorts of treasures on your supplies expedition!

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    1. Thanks! It is – it shows they recognise our love for craft things and understand that we have particular crafting tastes! Turns out my sister got me a large Moleskine journal, a pen, some adhesive gem dots and a selection of colours of 3D enamel dots. How good of her xD

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