Planner Showcase: Bullet Journal Inspired A5 Ring Planner

     Hey everyone, it’s Monday so I hope you’re all excited for a planner post because I have another planner tour for you today. Over the past few weeks, I’ve shown you my pocket address planner and my snail mail planner, so today, it’s time to shine the spotlight on my A5 Paperchase planner, my most recent planner purchase.

     So this is my planner:


     It is a gorgeous map themed A5 ring planner that I bought from the Paperchase web store when it was on sale. I think these planners normally cost about €38 but I only paid about €25 for mine so it was a good deal. The rings on the inside are slightly off; some of them don’t quite meet up and that’s how it came but so far that hasn’t actually been a problem for me.

     The inside of the planner is black and this is how it looked when I first got it:


     But of course I wasn’t going to leave it like that. I browsed my craft hoard, realised I had a lot of gold and black stuff, gathered it all together and after a while of messing around I ended up with…


     …this. I’ve got die-cut images, pictures and tags held in place with paper clips, paper that just looks pretty in the background, some memory pockets filled with pictures of cats just hanging out there (the pockets and the cats inside, turns out they both just like to hang out), and a random wood shape that says ‘always follow your dreams’ shoved into a pocket. It’s not a practical set up but it sure as hell looks nice!

     Usually I’m more on the practical side so I guess it might help if I explain the function of this planner before I continue on.

     So, I have my personal planner that I use for my day-to-day planning. It now has just my weekly view planning section and my blog planning section. There used to be more in it, like different things I tracked, but it was getting a bit cluttered and I wanted to be able to bring my planner places so I needed to lighten it up. With that in mind, I got this A5 planner which just stays sitting on my desk. It doesn’t go anywhere else so I’m free to clutter up the inside with pretty rather than practical things because I’ll always have all my supplies at my desk on hand when using this.

     I use this planner for planning but it’s more so used for tracking different things and to keep important information together. You’ll see with my pages that they’re quite inspired by bullet journaling. That’s because I did toy with the idea of a bullet journal but in the end I couldn’t give up the manoeuvrability that a ring planner provides – I just really like to have neatly divided sections that I can move!

     So that’s some brief information on what the planner is for but let’s just get back to how it looks now!


     I don’t need them but of course I have sticky notes on the backside of my dashboard. I just can’t help myself sometimes! As for these dashboards and dividers, they’re printable ones from StrawberryScraps on Etsy. I printed them out and drew around the patterns with a black pen so that they would pop out more. Following that, I just stuck down random die-cut images and shapes from different sets I had that fit the theme and laminated them. Oh, there’s also random Tolkien quotes written on each one just for fun!

     My planner is divided into four section along the top: months (monthly sections), MSc (all the information for my degree), Info (birthdays and private information), and tracking. I also have side tabs and these are within the tracking section of my planner, so I have different sections for crafting, my bookshelf, languages, health, present planning, misc. other things and spare paper. It might seem like a lot of sections but it’s quite convenient and I haven’t had any difficulty because my sections are spread out top and side.

     My side dividers are ones I made myself using 8×8 paper. The paper is slightly shorter than the A5 height but not by much so it’s still quite usable. It’s also wider than A5 paper so I simply folded it over, but so that it was still a bit longer than A5, then I stuck it down and cut away a part to make some tabs, if that makes sense!

     Here’s an example of my page style:


     This is my monthly view for September. For my pages, I actually printed out some grid paper onto slightly heavier than normal paper (for a sturdier feel and less bleed through of my pens). The entire planner has a very simple style and almost no stickers. I didn’t want to feel the need to decorate this planner along with my personal planner. There’s only so much time (and money for stickers) that I have!

     But there’s some space in my planner for fun:


     I’ve got a bookshelf and it’s bigger than ever! I just had to carry this over into my planner – I just think it’s a fun way of keeping track of what books I have, what I’ve read and what I’ve rated them (the colours relate to how many stars out of five I gave them!).

     I do have a lot of stuff in this planner, but a good chunk of it is private information that I obviously can’t show you but here’s a random selection of pages that I hope give you an idea of the style of this planner:

dsc06426     And so that’s been a tour of my A5  planner. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at it and maybe been able to get some inspiration for your own planner from it.

     What type of planner do you have, a ring planner or a bullet journal? What do you think of my merging of the bullet journal style into the ring planner? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!


18 thoughts on “Planner Showcase: Bullet Journal Inspired A5 Ring Planner

    1. It’s probably a good thing that there aren’t any Paperchase stores in Ireland (not that I know of anyway!) because if there was one near my I’d be a very poor girl…but I’d have lovely stationery 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You have such a pretty handwriting!
    I have a Kikki K personal planner laying around at home. It was from the beginning my school planner, but it’s currently too thick to fit in my bag (my bag is too small, I am one of those who always have to bring _everything_ with me all the time) so I had to buy a thinner calendar instead.
    My Kikki K is currently the home for my book lists 🙂 I really like your bookshelf (I have to try it!) and your saving jar!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I figure if your gonna track things, might as well do in in a fun and interesting way rather than just write numbers so hence the saving jars!
      But ah, the dilemma of the planner being to big for your bag! The good thing about doing an online course like I’m doing – don’t have have to carry anything anywhere xD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the good thing is all you need is a notebook really! I enjoy tracking things from my life, I think it’s a great way to get you to think more about what you enjoy and what you spend your time doing 🙂


    1. I admit, it can be a bit time consuming drawing out your pages and setting them. If you’re wondering about all the stuff decorating the inside of the planner, I just raided my craft hoard so things quite a few different brands there. A lot of the stuff though comes from die-cut packs that Docrafts do. I used a lot of stuff from the Forever Friends 🙂


  2. I tried doing a bullet journal style in a ring planner because, like you, even though I liked the bujo style I just didn’t want to give up the convenience of being able to move things around and add things as needed. But, Unlike you, I got burned out really quick on drawing my layouts for things. I think I prefer the pre-printed planner styles that I can just decorate and fill in.

    But this is super cute! I love the front cover set up! Those little teddy bear pictures are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand how it would burn you out! I’ve spend about two months drawing a page here and a page there because it does get tedious. There’s a number of things I haven’t even finished or else I scrapped my plans for pretty and just went with the most simple page layout you could imagine! It’s definitely not a system for those short on time.


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