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September 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Well if you thought my incoming mail for September was light, you should see my outgoing!

     Really, September was not a good month for me and snail mail. I really started slacking with my responses and let a large pile build up (which I’m happily getting through now) but that meant I sent out hardly any mail in September.

     Don’t worry though, I do still have something to show you! I sent out a few things at the start and a few things at the very end of the month.


     This is some mail that I sent out to at the very start of the month. On the outside it had a floral theme thanks to all those vintage looking floral stickers and the stamps but on the inside it ended up with a travel themed because the notebook I made had a map cover which set the tone for the rest of the goodies I found in my craft and snail mail hoards!

     The only other mail I sent out at the start of the month were some letters that I kept simple by just making use of my La Papierre subscription.

     I did motivate myself towards the end of the month to make some envelopes out of calendar pages and get to my growing mail pile though!

photo-september-2016-outgoing-calendar-envelopes-4     These are two of the envelopes I made really, really quickly (like, didn’t even measure or double-check for straight lines kinda quick!). Thankfully, with these calendar pages, the prettiness of the pictures does all the work so all I have to do is chose some appropriate stamps! And hopefully people will be too interested in the pictures of Irish scenery to likely notice the shoddy workmanship gone into the construction of the envelope! Good thing I have a ton more calendars to work through.

     And that, is my mail! Well, there was a birthday card and one postcard to a pen pal sent out also but I forgot to take pictures. It’s still not a lot of mail for me.

     If I post some pictures of stamps will you forget about the quantity?

     Have you forgotten yet?

     Don’t worry, I can say already that October has surpassed September for quantity so I’ll have a lot more pictures and things to talk about next month!


6 thoughts on “September 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

  1. I really love the idea of making envelopes out of calendar pages! We always get calendars from places like the ASPCA that my mom has donated to, filled with pictures of cute animals. We don’t need four calendars, but I hate just tossing them out (even if they go in the recycling) because they’re really cute! This is a great idea for spreading the (adorable) love!

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    1. You can’t toss the cute animals out now! Cute animals would make lovely envelopes! I can see myself getting quite a few envelopes I won’t be using over the next few months so I’m sure I’ll be making some animal ones soon (we always get several Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind calendars to support them because our dog was a reject guide dog)


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