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Planning with Geo #23 – A Weekly Spread

     I’d really gotten into the habit of showing you two weekly spreads at a go since I started doing this series every second week but today, I only actually have one weekly spread to show.  That’s because last time I showed you a week ahead of schedule in order to keep all three red themed spreads together in the same post.

     Oh well!

     It’s still a pretty spread I have for you:


photo-planner-pages-2     Pretty flowers and hot air balloons, what could be nicer? I was spending the week doing course work and writing the first 5,000 word essay of my degree so I did need something nice to look at. (I’m actually writing this post on the Friday evening – you could probably tell by looking at where things aren’t ticked off – so I’m actually just assuming/hoping that I’ll have finished my essay by the time this post goes out on Monday).

     I know I usually ramble on a bit more but I’m having trouble with words right now having just reached the half way point of my essay. Words are getting hard to use. Look at pictures of pretty stickers instead!



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