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Letters to my Future Self

     Today’s topic is in the letter writing area but it’s not my usual incoming and outgoing mail posts or looking at ways to decorate mail. Today, I am writing letters to myself!

     Okay, look, it’s not as weird as it sounds, I swear! It’s related to this:


     A few weeks ago, my parents were doing some shopping and they picked up this little book for me because they thought it looked like something I’d be interested in (which I most definitely am!). I say book, but that’s not quite what it is. It’s a space for you to write letters to yourself for ‘a paper time capsule’ (to borrow the phrase from the cover of the book) based on prompt is gives you.

photo-letters-to-my-future-self-2      For example, the first prompt is ‘these are my roots’. The page folds out, giving you some decent space to write a letter to yourself and when you’re done, you seal it up like an envelope and date it. There’s also space for you to write a date for when to open the letter so you get to determine how far into the future you want to open it.

     As for sealing the letter, you can use these really cute stickers that come on a sheet in the back:


     I really like this book/project/journal (still haven’t figured out a suitable term). I mean, it’s just really, really cute. How could you not love all the air mail theme stuff going on in it? There’s 12 letters in it, 10 of which have prompts for your letter while the final two are blank so you can write about anything. I’ve actually written the first letter to myself. I wrote it on my 24th birthday (seemed like a decent time to write a letter to myself). There’s space for 12 letters and there’s 12 months in a year, so I’ve set myself the task of writing a letter once a month to my future self to be opened in 10 years.

photo-letters-to-my-future-self-9      It should be an enjoyable project to do, I mean, it’s not like it’s time-consuming – it’s only about 15 minutes once a month to write a short letter and I’m sure future me will appreciate current me (who will at that stage be past me) taking a few minutes to write down some thoughts and questions (that I hope future me will have the answers to!).

     I’m of course using this book for my letter writing project because my parents got it for me and I probably wouldn’t have thought about doing it otherwise. It’s also quite sturdy so I’m sure it’ll survive the years of sitting on my shelf getting battered by other notebooks fine! The great thing about writing some letters to your future self though is it’s so simple. All you need is some paper, a pen and an envelope so if this idea has peaked your interest, you likely don’t need to go get anything (I’m assuming everyone has some envelopes in their house even though most people never actually use them). I like having the prompts because otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start with my writing. If you’re the same but doing it without the book, don’t worry. There’s plenty of sites out there that have prompt lists for journaling and such and you could easily adapt those to letter writing topics.

      Anyway, I just thought this would be an interesting idea to share with everyone. If anyone else is doing a similar project of writing letters to your future self, I’d love to hear what you think about the idea and how it’s going for you. Or if this post has sparked an idea to do so, I’d love to hear that too, do let me know!

     Hmmm, when I open my letters, I’ll be 33. I wonder what I’ll be up to then…

18 thoughts on “Letters to my Future Self

  1. I wish I had heard of this some 50 to 60 years ago. I wonder what I would think opening a letter now, that I had written when I was so young and life was full of promise. I had never travelled outside of the UK. I wasn’t married and my children weren’t born, yet I had so many plans for my future then, though I am sure they did not involve travelling – something I never imagined doing.

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    1. That would be interesting to read a letter you wrote to yourself so long ago, so much changes in that time. I’m setting myself an opening date of around 10 years for my letters but you’re giving my the idea of writing a few that I’ll set aside for about 40-50 years.


    1. It is a really nice idea, especially as you don’t even need the book to do it! Although, I imagine you can find the book pretty cheap on the book depository 🙂


  2. I just saw this at Target over the weekend; seems like a really cute book! I’ve written letters to myself in the past in an informal way before–it’s always really fun to read them later, provided I have the patience to leave them be until then. One time I used a website (FutureMe, I think?) to send myself an email in the future…which worked pretty well since I totally forgot about it!

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    1. The email thing seems like a good idea – can’t get access to them so you’ve got no choice but to wait! Still, can’t beat writing letters to yourself – great way to keep that stationery you don’t want to give up but still want to use xD


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