My Planning Planners – Video Tour

     Hey everyone. It is Monday so that means it’s time for a planner post. Recently, I’ve been giving you tours of the different planners I use. I started with my pocket planner address book, I followed it up with my snail mail organisation planner and then I showed you the latest addition to my planner collection, my A5 Paperchase planner. Of course, I have one more planner – Geo, my personal size Filofax which you get to see the weekly spreads from. Now, I did give you a planner tour of Geo a while back when I first set her up but since then, thanks to the addition of my A5, I’ve been able to lessen the burden on Geo and simplify things.

     So, with Geo, a lot has changed, but also very little. As you can see (if you check out the old planner tour), my dashboard is the same, and so are the dividers that I used, although now I only have three sections instead of six. The main difference visually is that I’ve simplified the interior which used to be a lot busier. Now I just have some journal cards covering up the pockets that I’m not using. I did this because I want to be able to throw my planner into my bag and not have to worry about things moving around and decorations going missing (which was happening).


     By moving all the tracking sections into my A5 planner, I was really able to lighten Geo up so now she only has three sections in her. These are weekly, blog and lists. I’ve basically pared Geo down to just planning life (to-do lists), planning my blog posts and shopping lists. I’m definitely liking this simplified version.

     Now, as for the insides, well, everything that’s left in Geo is pretty much the same as it was before. I have the same weekly inserts, the same inserts for blog planning and the same list paper so check out the old planner tour if you want specifics on them.

     Okay, what kind of planner tour is this, you’re asking. There’s hardly any pictures and nothing has really changed!

     Well, that is true and I didn’t want to leave you with such a boring post so I have something exciting to share with you – I’ve made a video tour of my planners! That’s right, a video tour, where I talk and stuff! I hate the sound of my own voice and I’m not good at talking to the camera but I went and made one anyway!

     I mean, having said that, I can’t promise it’s a good video but if you’ve ever wondered what I sound like, now you can find out (please be kind about my horrible voice and bad video editing!). It’s a pretty long video, over 20 minutes, but it is actually two planner tours in the one video.

     If you got bored after a few minutes and stopped watching, I can’t blame you, I don’t have the most interesting of voices.

     Other than that, I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a snail mail topic! (By the way, I can’t tell because it’s my voice, but do I have an accent? Where do I sound like I’m from?)


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