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Catching Up On Cardmaking – the Birthday Card Edition

      I know, usually on Wednesday I do a snail mail related topic but I don’t have one prepared for today (if anyone would like to give me ideas on snail mail related topics to write about though, I’d welcome the suggestions!). Instead of snail mail, I have a craft post – a card making craft post to catch up on some of the quick birthday cards I’ve made. Some of these I’ve sent in the post to pen pals so in a way it still fits with my snail mail Wednesday theme!

     First up, some really quick and simple cards:


     For these birthday cards, I used some patterned but plain cards from the Papermania Tales from Wilson Wood range and simply added some die cuts and sentiment toppers (from the same range) on top. Then I…well, did nothing else. That was it – it’s the most simplest form of card making but sometimes simple works (especially when you have a lot of cards to make because everyone seems to have October birthdays!).

photo-quick-birthday-cards-3     Really, sometimes I like just making simple cards that just involve putting together the layers of a die-cut, although I do feel bad sometimes because I do think it’s too simple and that I should have put more effort in. Anyone else ever feel this way about card making? I mean, the end result is still a really cute card, it’s just a simple card.

     Next up is still another simple card but I guess it’s a bit more creative than the ones above. In the die-cut packs I get, there’s often a few memory pockets and I never really know what to do with these but the idea popped into my head to put them to use in cards and I really like the result.

     I cut the memory pocket lid off, stuck the pocket to a card (cutting the card blank so that it fit) and then found a tag that I could put in the pocket with the sentiment on it so that you can pull it out. It’s a nice interactive element to the card and again, super quick and easy to do!

     Here’s another one:

     I really like this idea for putting memory pockets to use, especially if you’ve got matching tags for the inside.

     The final card I made is actually a card/gift combo. I remembered seeing a video where someone made a frame with the card behind so that frame could be hung up and I liked the idea. I didn’t make a frame, just bought one, but my friend loves the Docrafts Gorjuss range so this frame I got for really cheap seemed the perfect fit for making this card/gift combo myself.


photo-quick-birthday-cards-2     As you can see, I just made a very simple card, stuck it to the back of the frame and added some matching ribbon so you could easily hang the frame from anywhere (although the card on the back also lets it stand up which is nice).

     So these are the very quick and easy to make cards I came up with for October, my busy birthday month. What do you think of them?

     Are you a simple card maker or a complicated card maker?


16 thoughts on “Catching Up On Cardmaking – the Birthday Card Edition

  1. I love what you did with the memory pockets – very inventive and interactive cards are fun for anyone, any age. I am usually a simple card maker, but I go and explore the land of complicated from time to time. I never stay long though!

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  2. I especially like those pull-up cards!

    I am not usually a very creative card maker (though there are exceptions I should post at some point); I’m more likely to buy a “sorry for your loss” card, and then use a Sharpie to draw a line through those words before scrawling in, “Happy Birthday!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How could you not love the Gorjuss range, it’s just so cute and always has lovely colours! And I’m glad you like my use of memory pockets! It can be hard sometimes to figure out what to do with them 🙂


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