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Loom Knitted Pumpkins

     An early happy Halloween everyone!

     Today, I actually have a Halloween themed craft for you: some quickly made yarn pumpkins – yarn pumpkins because really, only some of them are loom knitted so the title of this blog post is a lie! It was a bit of an evolution getting to the end result so lets see where I started.


photo-halloween-pumpkin-4     I’d seen a picture somewhere of some pumpkin pom poms which looked really cute and as pom poms are really easy to make, it seemed like the perfect quick Halloween craft. I made one though (pictured above) and it just didn’t look enough like a pumpkin. I remembered seeing another picture somewhere where the pumpkin was made the same way of wrapping the yarn around your hand but left without cutting the yarn to get the fuzzy look. This looked better but it was still a bit messy and not to my liking.

     At this stage, I turned to YouTube to find out if I could make a pumpkin using my knitting loom as using the knitting loom is usually a lot quicker than using needles (I find at least).

     It turns out you can loom knit a pumpkin too – just search ‘loom knit pumpkin’ and there’s a few good tutorials out there. Here’s the first one I made on my loom:


     As you can see, I turned the stem into a loop so if needed it could be hung somewhere. I didn’t have anything proper to stuff the pumpkin though so I did resort to just using tissues (worked though!). My sewing up at the end was a bit messy but overall, I think it looks enough like a pumpkin.


photo-halloween-pumpkin-2     I had plenty of yarn so I ended up making a few more (they really don’t use that much!) and now the hall table is a bit covered in pumpkins but that’s okay. I even managed to make a baby pumpkin hat which I think it’s super cute!

     I’m fairly happy with my rushed Halloween craft. It’s even given me ideas of loom knitting some snowmen for Christmas so my looms can expect to get a lot more use over the next few months!

     What kind of Halloween crafts have you been making?


15 thoughts on “Loom Knitted Pumpkins

    1. Thanks!
      I think loom knitting is easier. Well, it’s harder to do complicated things on it bit easy and quicker to do simple things, if that makes sense! It’s a lot less fiddly so I do think it’s easier if you just want to make simple hats and scarves.


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