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Happy Halloween!

     Happy Halloween everyone!

     If you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a fun night, and if you don’t, well, I still hope you have a fun night – enjoy watching a good movie or something!

     I know, Monday is typically my planner post day but I don’t have any planner pictures to share with you today. Being Halloween, I thought it would be fitting to show you something Halloween related so I have this instead:


     Totoro! Or, a badly carved, somewhat sinister and sleepy version of Totoro, to be precise. I posted a picture on my Instagram a few days ago of the pen sketch on the pumpkin but this is what is looks like carved out and lit up in the dark! I just really wanted to try carve Totoro because…actually, I don’t think I really need a reason to want a Totoro. For anyone interested in the image, I just googled ‘Totoro pumpkin’ and this is the image that came up.

photo-halloween-2016-totoro-pumpkin-1     I must admit, carving Totoro was hard. There was quite a few small sections which I had trouble with and I messed up the eyes a bit. Also, he doesn’t have a nose because I couldn’t carve it with the tools I had. I did buy a cheap pumpkin carving set but the blade on the tool came out of the holder so it was really hard to use! To carve this, I ended up using the tool that came in the set (only now with no handle making not so safe to use), a random small but sharp knife my mom found in the drawer and a hacksaw blade wrapped in a handkerchief provided by my dad. But hey, after a few hours, I eventually carved something that vaguely resembles Totoro!

     Here’s a slightly more successful Halloween craft I worked on, a little box of sweets for my sister when she comes round:


photo-halloween-2016-box-2     Can I just say that I really wish craft stores in Ireland would acknowledge Halloween? This black and cream striped card was the closest thing I had to Halloween themed paper. I did find these cute bat dies for really cheap but that was seriously it! Luckily I got some Halloween washi tape samples from a pen pal so I was able to dress my box up a bit.

     I can’t remember where I saw the idea for using clear plastic like that to make it look like things are floating, but when I got the bat die, it seemed like the perfect thing to do!

     For anyone interested in the box shape itself, I learned how to make it from one of Pootles YouTube videos (which you can also just find on her blog here). I absolutely love the bag in a box idea, it’s just super cute, isn’t it!

     Anyway, that’s all for me for today’s post. Don’t worry though, planner posts will resume as normal next week!

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. It’s a wonderful Totoro! Every year, I lose blades on those pumpkin carving tools. Well, actually, this year: 2 pumpkins carved, no tools damaged! Seriously, a first. I find those complex bits difficult, too; more than once, I’ve saved a carving by using a toothpick to hold in an accidentally hacked-out bit. =D

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    1. Thanks! And congrats on not losing any pumpkin carving tools this year xD I’ll have to keep that toothpick trick in mind for next year – almost lost Totoro’s whiskers because they’re so thin!

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  2. oh gosh i’m so glad i included the washi samples for you! i had a hunch that other countries didn’t “do” halloween like the US does. i love to include washi samples anyway, but i’ll be sure to stick holiday themed ones in my future letters! :3

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    1. Ya, halloween craft supplies are just nowhere to be found here! You can get stacks upon stacks of christmas paper but halloween – nothing! So yup, so glad for that washi tape! At least I’ll know for next year to try buy some stuff online to make some crafts xD


  3. Totoro!!! He almost looks as though he’s rolling his eyes in the lit-up version of the pumpkin; like “seriously, can I get back to sleeping in my tree already?” 😀 I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to carve out those teeny whiskers! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

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    1. Haha, he totally does look like he’s rolling his eyes! The whiskers were tricky to carve, one of them actually fell off, and I couldn’t carve the nose because it was too small. I’ll just have to find a bigger pumpkin next year, like one of those competition size ones, so I can have a bigger Totoro 😀


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