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Monthly Catch Up – October 2016

     Hey everyone, guess what time it is? It’s time for the October catch up post so you can check back and make sure you didn’t miss any of my crafty musings from the past month! Hard to believe yet another month has passed – time is passing far too quickly!

     Well, at least October was a good month for blogging. I think I covered a good range of planner, snail mail and crafty posts so let’s start at the beginning of the month:


     I had a triple red spread planner post to start my month with and I must say, those sticker packed spread are definitely amongst my favourites of what I’ve done so far. Not as practice but definitely pretty! That week was also my birthday week so I had a lot of lovely things to show off in a birthday haul (such as those gorgeous, gorgeous stamps I got!). And of course, let’s not forget my September incoming mail post (which included an awesome early birthday present from my pen pal Dani).

      Showing off my various planner set ups has become a thing this season so for the second week of October I kicked things off with a showcase of my A5 bullet journal inspired planner (which reminds me, I do need to get to making some more inserts for that…). I didn’t have much to show (my own fault!) but there was just enough pieces to justify a September outgoing mail post. Hopefully I made up for my lack of interesting mail that week with a crafty post about making my own mini notebooks (a really easy and addictive thing to do!).


     Getting to the mid month mark, I caught you up on my planner spreads, and rambled a bit about essay writing, which I had thankfully finished by the Wednesday so I could take some time out to talk about the Letters to my Future Self book and the letter writing project I decided to start. I didn’t get up to anything crafty that week but at least I had 6 months of daily journaling I was able to show you to make up for that (is there anything lovelier than seeing a bulging and well-loved journal?).

     My planner post last week was a particularly exciting post. Well, not the personal planner set-up part, but the planner video tour was exciting/nerve-wracking to post (I think I worry too much about how I sound on camera!). I was out of snail mail topics for the month but I had some catching up on card making to show you on Wednesday so hopefully that wasn’t too out of topic and then on Friday I decided to get into the Halloween spirit with some quick loom knitted pumpkins!

photo-october-catch-up-3     Of course, Monday itself was Halloween so I skipped out on the planner post in favour of some pumpkins, well, one Totoro carved pumpkin to be precise!

     And that was my October!

     Hopefully now you’re caught up on everything!


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