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Envelope Flip-books

     Hey everyone!

     Remember how a while back I posted about my failed envelope flip-book attempt? Well, I’m back with another one and I’m happy to say that this one actually worked out – yes, I measured things properly this time so it actually folds up!


     See? It folds up! I’m really happy with my little flip book. It’s super cute, if I dare say so myself. I mean, how could it not be cute considering I used the Little Meow Papermania range? Cute kittens are, well, cute!

     I actually sent this to Myra from Those Secrets We Keep (hope it got to her safely!). I was wondering what to do with this flip-book for a bit but it seemed obvious to send it to Myra considered I learned how to make the flip-book from MayMay Made It over on YouTube and Myra actually introduced me to her videos.

     I’ll post a bunch of pictures of the flip-book at the end of this post but it might be easier to understand it if you watch this video I made of opening it, it gives a much better understanding of all the things that flip:

      I also have a few other quick flip-books to show you today, these are ones I made super quickly just using some journaling cards and washi tape. Here’s the first one I made:

     The front and back, the covers, are made using 6×4 journal cards and then the 3×4 ones are stuck inside and flip open, either for you to journal on or stick small pictures in. Like I said, these are super quick to make but they can look pretty cute and are a great use for journal cards you have lying around! I made a few of these style flip-books to send to pen pals because they’re small and light so you can easily pop them in an envelope and not have to worry about bulk.

     Here’s another one I made with a travel theme:

     I got a little bit more elaborate with this, using two more 6×4 journal cards on the inside to make a pocket to store some pictures or mementoes from a trip!

      And as promised, here’s the bunch of pictures from the envelope flip-book:

      Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these! Let me know what you think of them and feel free to share some links to any flip-books you’ve made. I love seeing what others are making!


14 thoughts on “Envelope Flip-books

  1. it! You are amazing!
    Now I must get my craft on!
    I’m glad you have found fun you tube channels to watch. I spend way to much time watching them and then not being able to make the project as fast as they do.
    You’re the best!

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  2. I don’t think I have seen one of these before but I love the idea of them and yours is adorable. Why is it that we find all the little pockets, flaps and tags so pleasing?! Beautiful make.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! There’s just something lovely about things you can flip over and open up, isn’t there? Things like that really give a whole extra dimension to a project – reminds me of toys that you get for small kids that have different textures and shapes which they can’t help butmess around with. Crafting – toys for grown ups xD

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    1. Thanks! Making the base for envelope flip book itself didn’t too long at all because I used the envelope punch board so that part only took a few minutes. Decorating it though took me at least two hours though! I’m just really slow at decorating xD

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