Planning with Geo #24

      Hey everyone, how’s the season treating you? Regular readers probably noticed that last Monday I skipped out on the usual planner post I do because it was Halloween. If I’d kept to my usual schedule, last week would have been a weekly spread post where you’d get to see two weeks of spreads. Well, seeing as an extra week has passed, that means you get to see three this week!

     First up, we’re going back to mid-October with my orange, blue and pink spread.


     I’d say more about this week other than just stating the colours of the sticker kit but I’m actually trying to forget this week happened considering how unsuccessful it was for getting anything done!

     So let’s move quickly onto the last week of October – obviously I went with something orange because Halloween was coming up.


     Pink’s not exactly a Halloween colour but, well, that’s what the sticker kit had so that’s what I used! I didn’t have any others with orange in them really because it’s not a favourite colour of mine. Neither is pink to be honest. Despite that though, I actually quite like the colour combination in this spread!

     Finally, catching up to last week, I decided to go with a darker colour spread seeing as I’d done bright colours for a few weeks in a row.


     I quite like the earthy brown and green tones (though the brown looks somewhat pinkish in the photos). I used half this sticker kit months back so it was nice to revisit it.

     And those are the previous three weeks in my planner. I’m definitely leaning towards the earthy tones as a favourite, I think it might be because of the cooling temperatures here. Which is your favourite colour scheme?


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