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October 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone! I know, it’s already a third of the way into the month of November and I still haven’t gotten around to posting about my October mail – what’s the deal? Well, blog schedules work out that way sometimes but I’m here to remedy the lack of mail talk on my blog today by taking a look at some of the lovely happy mail I got last month.

photo-october-2016-incoming-birthday-mail-1     My birthday was last month so that meant lots of amazing happy mail (seriously, nothing better than getting unexpected gifts in the mail from pen pals!). The day after my birthday, a bulging box arrived for me from my friend in the Netherlands. Opening it up, I found so many thoughtful gifts inside like some nice yarn (we talk about knitting and crocheting a lot), washi tapes (I think everyone knows I love washi tape), Dutch chocolates and stroopwafels (the best thing ever) and an adorable little plushie which I have given the name ‘Baby Hyneman’ to (because I think it looks a little bit like Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters!).


     She also packed in a sheep teddy kit into the box and even translated the instructions into English for me because they were only in Dutch and German, so thoughtful!

     I had yet more lovely birthday mail arriving for me throughout the month including this adorable card and sticky notes set from Bridget over in America:


     And this happy mail from Keely:


     I absolutely love the pin – a love for knitting, letter writing and tea drinking? Why yes, yes that does describe me in a nutshell! Also, the notecard is so pretty and those fish are cute. Even the envelope was awesome – gotta love when you can learn about sea otters from your mail!

photo-october-2016-incoming-keely-2photo-october-2016-incoming-keely-1     Even better when the sea otters are accompanied by adorable penguins and polar bears watched over by the Enterprise and its crew!

     In addition to my birthday, October is, notably, Halloween month! Halloween cards aren’t that common here in Ireland but I did appreciate the few pieces of Halloween themed mail that I got from my pen pals which was all super cute (because bats are cute!).


photo-october-2016-incoming-halloween-2     Seriously, how cute are those pumpkin stamps? I absolutely love them, and the colours in that lamp stamp.

      I would love to continue fawning over my lovely mail but unfortunately, I must finish up my adoration of mail post here as I have a college assignment to go research so sorry if the end of this post is a little abrupt or if I haven’t talked about any mail you’ve sent me. Rest assured, even if I don’t blog about it, I love every piece of mail that I get!


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