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Woodland Creatures Envelope Flip-book

     Hey everyone!

     Today, I have another envelope flip-book to show you but it’s very different from the last one I showed you. This one is envelopes in a book for storage but seeing as you flip them, I figure I’d just call this another envelope flip-book!

     This is a project I had a really fun time making. I made it for my sister, Aimee, who likes to save money in lots of different envelops for different reasons. She just used boring envelopes that she tossed into a drawer so I figured, being the crafty girl that I am, I’d make her a cuter storage system:


     Isn’t it cute? I think it’s cute – I mean, woodland creatures themed, that’s cute! In case anyone is wondering about my materials for this project, I pretty much just used things from the Papermania Tales from Wilson Wood range, I used the A4 Ultimate Die-cut & Paper Pack , the A6 Cards & Envelopes and the ribbon set. (And in case anyone is wondering, I’m not getting paid to promote the range, I bought all that stuff myself because I really like it).

     Here’s the cover and the back of the book:

     And here’s how it looks on the inside:


     Making this was pretty much a figuring it out as I went along craft. I did watch some videos of people making similar crafts to get an idea but I didn’t follow any tutorial in particular.

     For the covers and spine, I used some pieces of card that I had salvaged from some packaging. The envelopes that came in the A6 Wilson Wood card pack I had looked nice so I decided to use these and cut the card to size accordingly. I covered the back, front and spine in a piece of A4 paper from the pack (leaving a tiny gap between the spine and covers, as you can see, so that there’s room for it to fold close).photo-envelope-album-7

photo-envelope-album-6     I then found a piece of blue card in my scrap pile that I accordion folded (you need to use card as paper wouldn’t be sturdy enough), stuck an envelope in each fold and then glued that to the back and front covers. I had hot glued it to the spine but I didn’t like it that way so before it cooled I took it out.

     I added small tabs (just made from paper) to each envelope so that you could label them and easily flip to them.

     And that’s the basic structure of the piece covered! Next came the fun decorating part (which is where most of my time was spent). I just took bits and pieces from the die-cut pack and had some fun arranging things.

     For the front and back covers, I found a large layer of a decoupage image that fit perfectly on the space I had. There just happened to be two of it in the pack so that meant I could make the covers match to a certain extent. Before I stuck those down, I glued two lengths of ribbon onto the front and onto the back so that the book could be tied shut.


As for the inside front cover, I used one of the cute little envelopes that came in the pack. The inside was white so I cut a large die-cut image to serve as a liner. For the back, I used one of the cards from the A6 pack and stuck that in.

     My sister likes to write on the envelopes how much money is in them but so she wouldn’t have to write on these envelopes, eventually running out of space, I decided to provide her with some sticky notes she could use. These are stored on the inside of the card stuck to the inside back cover:


     The inside of the card was actually white which stood out a bit to the rest of the project so I actually used another of the A6 cards to stick on the inside so it would look nicer!

     And that is the envelope flip-book / money storage system I made for my sister. As I said already, I really did have run making this. It’s quite relaxing to get lost in a project, taking a few hours to flip though sheets of die-cut images, mixing and matching things.

     Let me know what you think of my book and as always, if you’ve made anything similar, do let me know! I always love seeing what other people are making!


20 thoughts on “Woodland Creatures Envelope Flip-book

    1. It would be a great use for those envelopes! Envelopes always seem to be the things you don’t know what to do with, don’t they – well, envelopes and memory pockets for me, they’re always what I have left over in the die cut packs I get xD

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  1. I think this is one of the nicest things I have seen! So pretty, and actually purpose built so practical and useful too. It really worked out well using products from the same range. I bet your sister loves it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, if you can resist getting it then you are a better person than me xD Every time I see someone using a paper pack I don’t have I immediately feel I need to go get it – luckily the craft stores near me don’t stock most of those products so I can’t actually, thereby saving my money 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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