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Planner Video Tour – Snail Mail Planner, Scrapbook Planner and Address Book

     Hey everyone, I don’t have a planner post for you today but I do have a planner tour video for you to check out. A few weeks ago I posted my first planner video in which I showed you my planning planners (my personal Filofax and my A5 Paperchase). This is part two of my planner tour series where you get to see my snail mail organisation planner, my pocket address book and my scrapbook planner. I’ve already written blog posts on all these planners but if you want to see some flip throughs of them, do check out this video, it’s about 14 minutes long and features those 3 planners.

     If people enjoy watching these videos (and can tolerate listening to my voice!), I’d love to do more planner (or craft) videos. I have no idea what I’d make videos about though so if you do have any suggestions at all, please let me know!

     Also, last year I challenged myself to post every day for the month of December to celebrate the holidays. I was thinking of doing the same this year but I thought I’d ask first to see if it was something people were interested in me doing. If I were to post every day there would probably be a lot of Christmas card posts (seeing as I have made about 100 different cards this year), but there would also be a few other Christmas crafts like advent calendars and ornaments along with my non holiday related planner and snail mail posts. So if me posting every day is something you want me to do, let me know so I can start organising some blog post ideas!

     But that’s enough questions to ask you today, hope you enjoyed the planner video and I’ll be back on Wednesday with my October snail mail post!

8 thoughts on “Planner Video Tour – Snail Mail Planner, Scrapbook Planner and Address Book

  1. Very interesting! The snail mail one is super. Great to keep everything in one place. I love this alternative uses of planners. I have been meaning to make a scrap book for my mum and her trip to Rome a few years ago but there are really odd shaped photos to include. She had an old camera that took long, thin panoramic shots as well as regular sizes. She also wanted to keep all the ticket stubs, hotel booking info etc and some of that is as big as A4 size. I am thinking now a planner, with lots of the pockets in the sides, might be just the job for this! Cheers for the idea!

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    1. Well I’m glad I’ve been able to give you an idea for what to do! Something with lots of pockets sounds ideal for that kind of scrapbook as you don’t want to put everything on detailed pages 🙂

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    2. Agreed! I’m on the lookout for a suitable one. If I can’t buy one at least I have a better idea of what will work and I’ll make it myself. Thanks again!

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  2. I would love to see places around your area and what it looks like during the holidays.
    Are there xmas tree places, is there a big tree at the main mall, windows that are decorated or even houses. My free vacation through your eyes! 🙂

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