Planning with Geo #25

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?

     Got a planner spread post for you today. Usually I have two weeks to show you but I don’t have any pictures of one of the weeks so you only get one spread today.

     It is a colourful spread though.


     So, the week prior, I was having a pretty bad week (for reasons which I’ll explain in either Wednesday or Friday’s post – depends on when I get around to writing it). Seeing as it had been a bad week, when it came to decorating last weeks spread, I felt I needed to make it as colourful as possible – did I succeed?

     The main sticker kit I used is half of one of the mini weekly kits I got from Pretty Crafty Stickers on Etsy (great sticker shop – highly recommend), and the word stickers you see with the clear backgrounds are stickers that I believe Myra from Those Secrets We Keep gave me a while back although I can’t remember now what brand they are (but I absolutely love the font and colours in that wish upon a star one!). The tiny weekend banner, craft sticker and hot air balloon sticker are from SmallStuffCreations on Etsy, another planner sticker shop I highly recommend (especially if you have a small planner).


photo-planner-pages-3     Usually in my planner I have a craft list for the week – well, I do have a craft list in this spread though as you can see, it’s a little bit cluttered! I started making a normal craft list with just a few things but then I kept getting ideas for more and more so I just started listing everything, knowing full well I’d only get two or three done. I’ll just have to transfer all these to the coming weeks and do my best to get them all completed. Most of them are Christmas crafts so they do have a deadline – guess it’s gonna be a busy crafting month to come!

     A question for other planner decorators out there – do you decorate your planner with specific themes and stick rigidly to them for each week or just go where the mood takes you? If you’ve had a bad week, do you decorate your planner more colourfully in the hopes that it’ll help you feel better, like I do?


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