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Corkboard Pen Holder

     Now, when I say this is a really old craft, I really mean it! I made this back in September 2015 when I first moved into my craft room and I just never got around to posting about it because there always seemed to be something else to write about. You’ll have seen this little project many times already either in my craft room tour post, sitting on my desk, or else in the background of countless  photos of other crafts, but here it goes – my corkboard pen holder is finally getting it’s time in the spotlight!

Photo - Cork Board Pen Holder (1)     It may not be the prettiest pen holder out there but it’s practical and for something I made in probably 15 minutes, it’s served me quite well indeed – I still have it sitting on my desk.

     All I used to make this is: two cardboard tubes, a roll of cork board and a bit of washi tape.

     It was that simple.

     The cardboard tubes that I used are ones the Sirdar Baby Bamboo yarn came wrapped around. I used this yarn quite a bit so I ended up with a few of these left over and it seemed a shame to waste them because they’re pretty sturdy. For my pen holder, I used two for a good height and just used some washi tape to stick them together. I imagine toilet roll tube would work as well, it would just be narrower and you might want to wrap the cork around it more for strength as toilet roll is pretty thin.

     The cork roll in question is this stuff:
Craft Haul XI

    It’s just thin cork on a roll and is pretty handy, especially because it has a sticky backing. I also use this stuff for the bottom of coasters. Anyway, all you do with it is cut it to the height you need, take of the sticky backing and start wrapping it around your cardboard tubes a few times until you’ve built up enough to stick some pins in.

Photo - Cork Board Pen Holder (4)     Obviously you’ll need to do something about the bottom or the pens will fall out if you lift it up. It doesn’t have to be pretty – I stuck some paper on the bottom in the inside and then on the outside I just stuck some leftover scraps of cork.

     As for the top, you may not want to see the cardboard tube and layers of cork. Just use some washi tape to cover this up. I covered the washi tape in glue just to help it stay in place, what with all the taking the pens in out, but this is optional.

Photo - Cork Board Pen Holder (2)

     There you have it, a pen holder that you can also pin a quick note to and my trusty pen holder finally gets its 15 minutes of fame!




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