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Planning with Geo #26 – Weekly View

     Hey everyone, just got a quick weekly spread planner post for you today. Thankfully scheduling posts is possible because as this goes out, I’m actually on my way up to Belfast so I can do some Christmas shopping and I’ll be away Tuesday as well with a stop off in Ikea up in Dublin on the way back home.

     I’ve been busy putting together my blog schedule for December as I decided to go with the posting every day challenge. I’m sure my purchases from Belfast will make it into one of those posts.

     But enough of that, let’s get to looking at my planner pages from last week.


     It nearing the end autumn, I decided to get a bit of yellow into my planner before I move more fully into the cooler winter colours (such as grey, also used above because that happened to be what the sticker kit was and I do like grey). I count winter as December, January and February because those are the cold months but actually, this week just gone has been pretty chilly. This time last year was very mild and there was severe flooding all across the county (hopefully that won’t happen again!). I’m definitely preferring this dry, chilly weather over mild and damp. Mind you, the clear skies don’t seem to be helping my photos much because I keep sleeping through the best lighting!


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