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Christmas Advent Calendar I

     So, it’s the 1st of December. You know what that means – advent calendar time! I had a lot of fun last year decorating advent calendars (I’ll do another post looking back on them). The one I decorated last year will be used again this year but I felt the need to make another one specially for the neighbours five-year old kid who always comes to visit – last year I filled my parents advent calendar with things like tealights so after they got their surprise, they’d have to put some chocolate back in for the neighbours child because he’d insist on opening it.

photo-kids-advent-calendar-1     So, an excuse to make another advent calendar – made me happy as I was able to try out some things. I’d spotted, namely an advent calendar made by Pootles last year which I loved and looked really simple to make. I had some really cute, bright and glittery card that I bought a while back which seemed perfect for this project. If you want to know how to make it, definitely check out the original blog post on how to. For my advent calendar, I used a 16×20 inch frame and made the pockets from 4×4 inch pieces of card.

     I think this would work best with double sided paper but mine was only one sided so I used different things like tags, tiny bows and stamping to decorate the white flap from the back of the paper and I think it works.

     For the numbers, I punched a bunch of circles with my 1″ circle punch and stamped the numbers on them. To spruce them up, I inked of the edges with some blue ink and then stamped some small snowflakes on them, using a glue dot to stick them to the mini pegs.


photo-kids-advent-calendar-3     I took the glass out and painted the backboard to match the colour of the room this advent calendar will be going in. The top section was looking a bit empty so I found some cute stickers in my stash and added them. With that done, I put it all together and finished my advent calendar by putting a small chocolate in each section.

     I love that with this advent calendar all those pockets actually fold flat so it can be stored easily and as I’ve kept the glass safe, when Christmas is over this can just be reused as a normal frame, what a great idea!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Advent Calendar I

    1. Glad I’ve been able to give some inspiration! They great thing about making your own advent calendars is that you can put whatever you want in them to suit the persons age and needs – if you don’t want to put sweets in it, you can always do an activity advent calendar, seen a lot of people making them and I think it’s a great idea! 🙂


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