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Christmas Advent Calendar II

     Hey guys, today’s the second post of my ‘try post a crafty, snail mail or planner related post every day for the month of December (snappier title to come)’ challenge and I have another Advent Calendar for you. It’s the same as the one I posted yesterday but just with different papers so I won’t go into too much detail on it (just check out yesterdays blog post). This calendar has gone off to my cousin for her two kids.


     So for this calendar, I went with a green and red theme. I had a card pack that was 12×12 and double-sided this time so I took two sheets of the Christmas pattern with the red back and two sheets of the bauble pattern with the spotted green back and cut them down to 4×4″ square pieces to fold into the pockets with half having the pattern on the inside and the other half on the outside.


     Again, I punched 1″ circles, stamped the numbers and inked up the edges with red and green ink.


     For the space up top, I cut some banners with a small banner die that I have. I was going to use stickers to spell the word Christmas out but I didn’t have any stickers I liked. Luckily, before I went to the shops and bought any more supplies, a package arrived in the post for me from Emma over at Soggy Musings which contained a set of alphabet brads that were the exact style I was looking for! I stuck the brads through the banner pieces, stuck them on with some foam dots and that was that!

     I did try a patterned paper in the background for this but it was just too much so I covered it up with a large piece of card which I think looks a lot better as it makes the red and green pockets really stand out.

     Anyway, same style as yesterday’s but quite a different look, I think – it’s an advent calendar you can really make to matched whatever style or theme you want, all you gotta do is chose the paper you want!


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